Report: US Air Strikes in Iraq Kill Mostly Women, Children

This is news, not porn if that is what you mean.

Two years ago BBC showed on TV a little Palestinian girl crying hysterically as her two sisters were bombed to death by the Zionists. It was shown on USA television as well.

We are quick to condemn terrorism when it is committed by others. It is time to admit that Christofacism is equally evil and indiscriminant in its killing of innocent children.
lone wolf
So that makes it okay, right? Sensationalism is often the last resort of they with weak facts.
I am really surprised at what you are saying.

Since when are photos of dead children --- innocents who died as a result of Christofascism --- a form of sensationalism???

That photo (and there are plenty more) substantiate the premise of the thread's topic. Those are not 'weak facts' but truths. Truths that you may not want to deal with but truth just the same.
Ron in Regina
No More Pictures of Dead Mutilated Children! Enough Already.
OK. No problem.

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