Pickton all over again?

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I can't rememver which thread it was the other day where Sir Joe and myself had a brief discussion on Pickton, but I see bad news (in my opinion) mataerializing that Sir Joe and others may want to read. Sorry this is off topic but just couldn't find the spot to stick it in and maybe it does have something to do with lack of masculinity.........................Pickton convictions begin to unravel

Takes ballz for judge to admit to an error in procedure - especially in a case like this. It also opens the door to get Pickton's accomplices because I really can't imagine he acted alone. I still think he was the disposal tool....
We only know of the horrors post murders. You are right. It's impossible for him to have acted alone. Dollars to donoughts says these women were "rented" for abuse and rape and disposed of when they physically could take no more. There has to be a string of johns out there who paid big bucks to beat up a women and rape them.
I don't know. It would have been pretty easy for a guy like him to do this himself. He was a very able guy. Lived in a semi-isolated location. Victims were easy to get rid of - even if they were at his farm for a period before they were murdered and someone say them or even knew them, he could just say they left and he didn't know where they went. With the number missing the accomplises may have been the girls themselves. eg. help me get another girl to replace you and I will let you go. Unfortunitly they did not get let go.

There may have been other people who knew, or had an idea of what he was doing, but IMO he did it himself.

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