Monkey Walks Like Human

A little ways in it says that Zoo Doctors believe that the monkey is walking upright due to brain damage. Apperently this particular monkey almost died of stomach flu.

I find it interesting that they'd say "brain damage". Could it be that humans also at some point and time suffered "brain damage" that cause them to walk upright?

YouTube - Monkey Walks Like A Human

The brain is a mysterious thing. I've always been fascinated by Kim Peek, even before Rain Man. It's seems odd to say he has "developmental disabilities" when he can do things that most of us couldn't dream of. It wouldn't surprise me if walking erect was an accident. To me there seems to be more advantage to walking on all fours (strictly from an anthropological standpoint).
Try this thread it's about the bonobo chimp which is amazing. (external - login to view)
I think we are only beginning to truely see just how intelligent animals are. Maybe we've finally let go of that need some of us have to be "very very special" and now can see that there are other beings that are also very intelligent and deserving of our respect and kindness.
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I assumed this was going to be a "George W. Bush" bashing thread....
I guess that's what happens when I assume.

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