Have you ever driven to California?

I've driven the I-5 a lot and I've never had a problem with it. Actually it is generally quite a pleasant highway with nice rest stops every 50 miles or so where you can get coffee and snacks.
"You don't drive those highways, they drive you."

I lived in Burlington, Ontario, when my daughter worked in Vancouver.

Each time I went to visit her, I drove through the States. A trip that would have taken four days through Canada, took only two days through the States, due to their excellent, traffic-light-free highways and their reasonable speed limits.

If you don't feel comfortable on freeways, don't drive on them.
Curiosity, your post (#29) was well appreciated. If your avatar is REALLY you, you captured the heart of this old cadger, for life.

Those who claim that highway speed and scenery appreciatioon are mutually exclusive, obviously have never driven on I90 thru Montana, Idaho and Washington States. Or I 35 in Kansas. Or I40 thru Tennesse and the Carolinas. Or I8 or I10 in Arizona and California.

Just because one drives fast, it does not mean that one is blind.
lone wolf
If one drives fast, one had better be paying more attention to the road....

That being said ... I saw much world from an interstate - but to really experience it, backroading is the way to go. Slow down and smell the flowers.
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Born and raised in Vancouver. What bugged me most were the damn freeways. Driving along at 75mph with a stream of cars passing you on
both sides is a bit unnerving. I felt like I was at Daytona Speedway.

You sound like my dad I make him sit in the backseat when he visits. My daily commute to work includes the I-5. My mom always comments on how she can't believe I feel ok driving here after growing up in Kamloops which isn't exactly a buzzing metropolis.

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