Four more dead `heros` about to ...

US Genocide in Iraq (external - login to view)

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Geezus! I do wish some of you lefty morons had the brains required to use a simple dictionary.

genocide: the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political or cultural group (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

So, please explain, oh wise one, which group the USA is "deliberately and systematically" seeking to destroy??

Or I'll open up with the bagpipes.

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US Genocide in Iraq (external - login to view)

As you pointed out in an earlier post the bar for genocide has not been met So stop the obfuscating and answer the questions I asked Or are they to difficult and do not fit that limited world perspective that you reside in.
These parade rituals focus on the trees not the forest. Most Canadians don't give a rat's backside about Afghanistan. They care about the troops and the families.

I lived in Asia for a few years and believe me, one of the most important facts about Canadian troops is that they are not Muslims so they have to go.
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US Genocide in Iraq (external - login to view)

So, in reply you find some other idiot that doesn't understand the English language?

I ask again, exactly what specific group in Iraq (or anywhere else) are the Americans trying to annihilate????????????? (look it up)

Try answering on your own.

I need a laugh.

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