israel to still get paid despite the coming economic crash

Everyone has manipulated misperceptions to some degree including myself.

The best sources of objective information are non-government organizations, especially ones doing humanitarian work. I trust Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, B'Tselem, the International Committee of the Red Cross....

I first figured out the news includes a lot of misinformation and propaganda back in the 1980's when the US supported terrorist acts and committed acts of war against the Nicaraguan government. I met a Nicaraguan refugee who survived an attack on his village by the US supported Contras. He told me things which completely contradicted the news. Turned out what I thought I knew was unrelated to the reality regarding Nicaragua. The truth was out there, I just had to look for it and apply critical thought.

If you want to make yourself resistant to propaganda, I would suggest that you familarize yourself with common propaganda techniques:
Propaganda Techniques (external - login to view)

and read this book:
Manufacturing Consent (external - login to view)

Also get your news from many sources: CBC, New York Times, BBC, Guardian, Washington Post, Al Jazeera, Haaretz, Jerusalem Post, Islam Online, Xinhua, Pravda...

No one source gives the whole picture. All news sources selectively withhold information and spin facts. But between them all, you get a more complete picture.

BTW, my reference to Bush and the start of the Iraq war was an example. What people believed and/or continue to believe about the Iraq war is a litmus test. Some people figured it out at the time. Some people figured it out years later. Some people still haven't figured it out.

All three kinds of people are here on this forum.

earth_as_one;1064736]Manipulated people don't know they are manipulated. If they did, they wouldn't be manipulated.

The Iraq war is a perfect example.

Before the Iraq war, most people in Canada and the US supported the invasion, even though there was no proven justification. Most people had a manipulated perception of a imminent and serious Iraqi threat when in reality none existed. Most people had a minipulated perception of an uncooperative Iraq. Most people believed Iraq was hiding stockpiles of WMDs.

Even after these manipulations became self-evident, most people refused to believe the facts in plain sight or that they had been manipulated. How smart is that?

Be honest Colpy. Remember back to March 2003? I'll bet you were one of the people who believed Iraq was a threat and was hiding WMD stockpiles. You probably still believe Iraq never cooperated with the UN weapon inspectors. If Iraq never had any WMDs, then why would they refuse to cooperate? How can Iraq prove the non-existance of their WMD stockpiles?

Absolutely....I considered it a continuation of the unfinished 1991 war. I approved. Death to Tyrants. The US screwed up mainly because of its naive idealism......they expected Iraqis to be thoroughly thrilled at the idea of their own liberation......and they didn't expect the level of sectarian violence.


Read the March 2003 UNSCOM report yourself. Blix described Iraq as proactively cooperating. No significant threat. No WMD stockpiles. All remaining disarmament issues to be resolved in months:

Security Council 7 March 2003 (external - login to view)

Yet two weeks later, Bush started the unprovoked invasion with majority support. Do you believe that most people who supported the war were informed and had accurate perceptions?

I really didn't, and don't care. Most informed people are smart enough to NOT believe anything the UN says.......


In 2004, 51% of Americans re-elected Bush after it was known that he started an unprovoked war crime against Iraq.

Get off the war crime horse EAO....nobody cares what you label it with......nobody.


This isn't a new phenomenom. Hitler was also democratically elected like Bush. Most Germans supported his war crimes too, until it was too late.

An offensive comparison, and untrue. The most Hitler ever won in an election was 44%, and that after murdering opponents, burning the Reichstag and blaming a shadowy and dangerous opposition of Jews and communists, and terrorizing candidates out of the race........and people from voting.


With enough money, advertising and positive press, even SpongeBob Square Pants could win an election in Canada or the US. His animators could even convince a majority of people to support war crimes and crimes against humanity

Simply not true, as repeatedly demonstrated by Stephen Forbes.
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