OK so the fund allocation from the budget to stimulate the economy has not been released. This is really peeving me off from both side, Conservatives and Liberals, as now we have a cat and mouse game going on.

What I see I can understand. The Liberals are seeing Harper prance about the country making Election type announcements with the funding in what could be key ridings. This money is not accountable right now...

The Conservatives blame the Liberals for not pushing thru the package saying it's impossible to itemize all parts of the stimulus package ahead and is stuck in the Senate.

I have lost my patience waiting for the Economy to get back on track but can say that if indeed Harper follows thru on his threat of calling an Election on this subject, he will have cause the demise of the Canadian economy even further after proroguing parliament and all other stalling tactics used to date..



A brewing political showdown over a Tory proposal to fast-track $3 billion for infrastructure projects appears to have been averted, despite red flags that the money could be misspent and isn't accountable to taxpayers.

Liberal House leader Ralph Goodale said Friday that the Grits were working out a compromise with the Conservatives which would allow funding to flow quickly while maintaining accountability.

"We are not aiming to set up some phoney confrontation," Goodale said Friday. "This is no time to have some parliamentary showdown."
Prime Minster Stephen Harper dropped the gauntlet over the fund last week and threatened to make it a matter of confidence after the Grits accused the Tories of creating a slush fund.

The Tories say the $3 billion will allow Ottawa to start funding construction projects ahead of the federal budget, which is winding its way through the Senate.
But Harper has refused to explicitly spell out which projects would be funded with the money.

While the Grits plan to table a motion next week requiring the government to spell out the spending, it won't go for a vote until March - meaning plenty of time for compromise, Goodale said.

CTV.ca | PM pushes Grits to end impasse over stimulus fund

Also the damn thing is in the Senate..


Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has asked the Grit-dominated Senate to pass the government's new budget quickly, so that stimulus measures can take hold in the economy.

"The stimulus money is to get the job done now, to employ Canadians now in this construction season that's about to start," he said.

Flaherty's comments come as the latest in a torrent of sobering economic news showed that the U.S. has suffered the worst run of job losses since the 1930s.

CTV.ca | Flaherty calls on Senate to pass budget quickly

The Job Numbers come out for Canada this Friday and I would imagine Ugly will not be an understatement..