NATO wants talks with Russia, China and Taiwan are going to meet. And now Syria and the USA are in talks.

What's up with that? Are the "bad" guys really not that bad?

Or... IS Hillary Clinton just that good?

Various Sources (to please the "official" proper credit watchers - I didn't write it)

The United States and Syria found a lot of "common ground" on which to cooperate in the Middle East, the State Department's top Middle East official said after talks in Damascus.

China Premier Wen Jiabao made a new overture to Taiwan on Thursday, saying Beijing was ready to create the conditions needed to reach a peace agreement with the neighbouring self-ruled island China claims as its own.

China was also willing to hold talks with Taiwan on military issues, Wen said in the text of a speech given to parliament.

Prodded by the Obama administration, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization agreed on Thursday to resume high-level consultations with Russia, six months after they had been suspended following Moscow's military offensive against Georgia in August.

The decision came at a meeting of foreign ministers from NATO countries that served as a debut for Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Clinton called for a "fresh start" with Russia, even though Washington refuses to recognize two breakaway Georgian territories that prompted the war.