I was hoping for the farm animals first but they may already be doing them without alerting the public. The cross breeding of animals will be the next thing that will take off. Cows/sheep type things. can get into some scary stuff. They ordered all the experiments out of Boston back in the 1990's because of the things they were doing with DNA. Remember they let the people of the city vote to decide if they could keep doing them - they said NO.

The clinic claims it can make no guarantees as to "perfect prediction" of things such as eye or hair colour. But it has already been using PGD for gender selection and claims it has a success rate in that area of greater than 99 per cent.

PGD is already used at fertility clinics around the world for couples who have recurrent miscarriages, or who need to screen out embryos that have inherited the genes for life-threatening diseases.

CTV.ca | U.S. fertility clinic promises 'designer babies'

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Designer Babies and Gene Robbery

Designer Babies and Gene Robbery