A new clinic at a Royal Ottawa Hospital will be opening to deal with the metal disorders that they may have incurred during their time at war.

CTV Ottawa- New clinic helps soldiers battling wounds to the mind - CTV News, Shows and Sports -- Canadian Television

I have had a bit of experience with this as I lived around the aeras of some of the Canadian bases during the Bosnian Conflict and was friends with a few guys who were there. They called it post traumatic stress.

In the last year I have read some material that was secretly installed on my computer will I was travelling around the country. If you think that sounds nuts wait till I tell you what it was. I was out of my room one day and someone snuck in and installed this ebook. I found it 8 months later. It was the book on illuminati mind control. I wonder why I believe in conspiracies.

Anyway if you can get a copy of it, and can stand to read it. Push all the conspiracy, religion, and intimidation aside and you will understand what has happened to some of these people returning from war. Some will seem as completely different people, with wide ranges of mood swings, failure to remember times of their home life. The correct disorder that some of these people may have is Trauma Based Multiple Personality Disorder. There is no pill for a cure. The cure is understanding what it is and how it works. If handled correctly the people will function better than a normal person, but they have to relize what has happened and deal with it. Instead of trying to hide the guy who saw the bus load of kids blow up, and had to get on with his day, they have to deal with them on their own terms.

May be getting too personal there for some, but someone has to point it out. No drugs are going to heal these guys. This is all in their heads - for real.