Last seen on a milk carton - Canadian Conservatives

Since the death of Canadian Conservatism a few years back, do you think it can be "revived?"

Since the Harper government came to power three years ago, many media opinion leaders and opposition cohorts have argued that it is a one man show. Effectively, Stephen sits in the big chair, pushes all the buttons, does all the speaking and makes all the calls. So it has been a tad hysterical to watch assorted reports come out in different national dailies over the last seven days talk about a government in flux because some aides are moving on and others are taking on different roles.

Take this headline from Don Martin's National Post column yesterday, "Inner-circle exodus spells trouble for Tories," or look at the Globe's coverage of a related story.

So what is the state of the fourth estate on who runs government? If Harper is, as popular lure has had it for years, the all powerful emperor then what do staff changes matter? Or was the Crown run by all powerful supplicants, some of whom who are now leaving after good service to the country, meaning the Harper administration may as well toss the keys across the isle to Iggy now?

So before I print up those milk-cartons, please tell me who is lost and who is found.
Is this a Minister of the Crown?
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judging by the eyes..... It's either him or a PETA spy...
Ron in Regina
I voted Conservative the last couple of times, and unless a
better product comes along, I'll have to do the same again
next time.

If Harpers picture does end up on a Milk Carton though,
can they use this picture? It's one of my favorites...
Hey, I'm a Prairie boy!

But, this Hallowe'en...

Can the conservatives afford the milk carton ad?
reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated......

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