Sleepwalking boy falls from bedroom window
China National News
Friday 13th February, 2009

An eight-year-old boy was in critical condition in a Hong Kong hospital Friday after sleepwalking and falling two floors from his bedroom window in the middle of the night a day earlier.

The schoolboy, who has a history of sleepwalking, is believed to have opened the window and stepped out in his sleep while his parents and the family's maid were sleeping in other rooms.

A security guard at the apartment block in Hong Kong's Beacon Hill district found the boy unconscious on the ground and alerted the police and an ambulance.

The boy's parents were unaware of the accident until they were woken by officers at around 4.30 a.m. Thursday, a police spokesman said. The boy suffered serious injuries.

In 2007, a sleepwalking woman who stabbed and strangled a friend in Hong Kong was cleared of attempted murder when a jury ruled she was in a state of 'insane automatism' at the time of the attack