Barack Obama -- An Anti-White Racist

Funny, my pastor said he was the reincarnation of Jesus himself. I guess my pastor is a Democrat and yours is a Republican.
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Obama is a shape-shifting reptilian descendant of the Nephilim. I swear. It's true. My Pastor said so.

Is that the First Reformed New-Order Church of the Latter-Day Rains and Winter Snows?
Obama understands that those unregulated free enterprisers need to be brought somewhat under control. I don't tend to jump on any bandwagon and believe any one person is the answer to the worlds problems, but this time it is a little different. First of all if the church is critical, he is likely on the right track. The
Churches are a huge part of societies problems both in the past and today. Many of them are more about politics than saving souls. Obama is the best hope for
at least he is demonstrating leadership which no one else is prepared to do or
capable of doing
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Well, do try to post some relevant information that can support the nonsense of Obama being a racist.

Is it just a urge you have or do you have some kind of support for your nonsense?

By the way,little girls, I am not a troll. Just a person who expects you to support your accusations with fact rather than fancy.

That was the point of the thread. It was so unbelievable as to be a farce. Virtually every poster saw that except you. A freudian slip perhaps?
Heh, the video actually makes him look good: Obama dislikes a-holes (who happen to be powerful white men). So the video's saying he's like the vast majority of the people in the world (whites included)...truly damning. (Oh and he attended sermons of religious showman on occasion--God help America!)

Actually, I found the quoted text to be indicative of his ability to reason: he distinguishes between people who aren't racist but who are brought up on racist values and people who are deliberately racist, among other points.

Surprising to think that someone who represents American uber-captial and multinational interests can be so down-to-earth. I'm impressed.

Hell the video might actually increase sales of his audio tape!

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