Early recovery from global economic crisis

Chinese economists see early recovery from global economic crisis
China National News
Friday 6th February, 2009

Beijing, Feb.6 : The China Economic Monitoring and Analysis Center, a survey organization of the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), has said in a report that 92 percent of the economists polled believed China's economy will recover from the global financial crisis in 2009, backed by the government's four-trillion-Yuan stimulus plan.

The survey was carried out at the end of December last year among 73 domestic economists who study the macro economy. Three percent of the polled economists said the stimulus package would pay off in 2010.

The polled economists believed China would embrace an early recovery before the global economy picked up speed.

The average prediction of China's Gross Domestic Product growth in 2009 is 8.0 percent, according to the survey.

Some 86 percent of the economists believed the inflation index would drop from 2008, with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) falling from 5.9 to 2.5 percent this year.

China's economy cooled to its slowest pace in seven years in 2008, expanding 9 percent year-on-year as the widening global financial crisis continued to affect the world's fastest-growing major economy, according to data released by NBS.

The 9-percent rate was the lowest since 2001, when an annual rate of 8.3 percent was recorded, and it was the first time China's GDP growth fell into the single-digit range since 2003.
The 8% who didn't agree were run over with tanks for not towing the party line.
Strange that's the same bull**** story we get over here in Ameroainia. I guess they can't come right out and say the bad word deeeepression.
It is a mugís game to try to predict what the economy will do in the short term, but I think we have reached the bottom or are very near to it. All these job losses we have heard in recent days is actually a good sign.

Stock market is the leading indicator of a recession. Investors see trouble ahead and they ditch the stocks in anticipation of the trouble.

Then economic trouble hits, bottom line is hurt and as a result, companies lay people off. So unemployment is a trailing indicator of recession. All these layoffs, increased unemployment means that we may be nearing the end of economic turmoil. It may take a while for recovery to being, we may stay at the bottom for a while, but I donít see much further down side.

One indication of this is that in spite of the bad economic news, the stock markets actually went up last week. The bad news was built into the stock prices.

So hopefully (touch wood) we are at or near the bottom. So one has to wonder, was this economic stimulus that they are passing in USA really necessary?
Now is a perfect time to invest. Just bought a bunch of GE and Altria because of the dividend yield. Also, I've just purchased a nice parcel of land to build a new house once I retire. Interest rates are extremely low. Buy low, sell high.
Now is a perfect time to invest.

Quite right, Walter. Banks are currently paying 7 to 9 % dividend, which is phenomenal. If I had not already been invested heavily in banks, I would buy banks today.
Early recovery from global economic crisis

Just because Nancy Reagan's psychic thinks it, dosen't make it a reality (CNN this morning)

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