What are the future plans of the oil sands..?..Let's see a production plan, and over head shot of what the tar sands will look like in 10's alot of nothin'

Oil sands is a dirty project period...No matter how you box it...Like tryn' to sell salt water to thirsty people.Not a good long term business plan, or very helpful..Gotta recycle pee water like the astronauts..That's a 4 sure Big $eller..$$..
North Korea- Excuse yourself.. keep that fowl /dirty air over there .. .We all have enough to worry about around here, without having to worry about the "fall out " of/from your country.- .Winters/weather here in Canada/neighboring countries are already A b*tch ..So Thanks but no thanks..

We have our own leaks and issues to clean up...Without having to deal with yours as well...Work with us, not against us all...Your choice...

No future in nukes ..Green/clean tech is the future..
GG this case ,given the situation..I agree with your position . It is sad to kill cute cudley little seals, and if it was just about the money .I might have sided different. Backing the native /aboriginal culture is common sense.They help monitor and sustain wildlife populations necessary in the conservation, and preservation, of this great diverse Canadian nation.

Simply put .Natives live up there cuz they can.No one else wants to...Who are we to tell them how to live..?.I'm not tellin them,You tell m..!I forgot my snow shoes...But arggh..bluck..Seal heart..?..Maybe A little bit over the the top.. If it was just natives huntin in "the seal hunt" , wouldn't be such an issue...Bit of an overkill....
Canada's gov.gen. Eats raw heart right outta seal!....I ain't messin with anyone who eats raw seal heart...raw/viscious but...I salute you General seal heart.(new native name)...I'm on your side on this one...Tastes like sushi.?.


Let me say it 1 more time ....No more B.S.(bailout-stimulus)
Anyone payin attention to the Bush1 , knew Bush 2 /U.S. was gonna end with a huge debt..Regardless of 911.But of course, that's a hypothetical,..
Let me go back and get my records...!
After a contraversial U.S. election..and 911, Bush2 and allies went in to get Osama, and ended up gettin Hussein ..Now Things are changing 4 the better .. The U.S. elected Pres.Barrack Hussein Obama....Regardless where you stand ..Everyone has to agree...This is the case..These are facts..!
So who ever didn't see this Bailout/simulus/crisis...comin.!..YOUR FIRED..You've all lost touch with reality....Even more than some say I (?lol) ...If I saw this comin after hearin Bush speak for the first time...I'm sure there were many more...So I wish media pundents/ politicians/finacial guru's /money grabers would stop saying "We didn't see it comin"...Stop burning yourselves..Because it couldn't have been any more obvious ,what was going to ,and did happen.....We're all payin for it!.
Call it what it is .It costs a lot for war...And it's always "THE PEOPLE" who pay ....while others earn matter which way...!
So Please bear with me, as I say it, one more time...
Let's move forward..Towards a new Green /Clean tech future..Leave the B.S. (bailout/stimulus)behind
..Or It's just the same ol same oil....

Blowin oil bubbles out their noses..Thumbs in their ears...About to sit on a ballon when the music stops..., when it pops, they will all act surprised...again
Although Each piece of the puzzle keeps growing, I know. They still join together, to make 1 Big Picture, 1 A Whole..!.(hahahahahahaha.(awhole)hahaha. yeah I laugh at my own jokes....cuz if I don't ,who will.?.)
You can Say ...Cheesy....If you like....
Thanks for reading ..Glad .you made it this far ..Further than most ..
Keep smiling
Never really ends ...Always Work in progress(W.I.P.)
The end ........4 now
AM640 Toronto Radio - Home of the Leafs (external - login to view)

Is Aid to Africa working ?..I agree perhaps artisits/ Cristian commercials seem to exploit the worst of africa inorder to get donations...Are these people helping ?..As long as the money goes to the people who are truly suffering and making a long lasting difference. ...Do people live in extreme poverty in Africa or is this a falisy ?..It is a third world country..There are a lot of people in poverty. ..Therefore artists are only pleading the truth...Politics and it's political correctness is as much too blame as any heart bleeding artist..Although a positive view of africa is necessary /more helpful. Can't hide the truth..Where does the money really go?...Let's be sure $$ get's where it is needed..and it is doing what was ment to do..Assist africa..Help themselves..
Good show..Thanx for your time and this space
Tryin' 2 get a Conservative /Republican.2 think green means more than just $$$$.Is like tryin 2 get oil ,off rocks , with a toothbrush.

Trying 2 get a Conservative /Republican 2 think green doesn't always mean $$$.Is like tryin 2 take the tar off The feathers.

Tryin' 2 get a conservative/Republican, 2 think Green means more than just $$$..Is like tryin to get Tar off sand with a toothbrush...


B .Greenfish66 (external - login to view)
Last edited by GreenFish66; Jun 6th, 2009 at 09:29 PM..
Lower the bar.Add all the heavy weights 2 each end, raise the bar again.Only this time,the idea is to have everyone liftin.Balance/sustain

Was a time economists would make up reasons as to why gas/oil prices go up..Now they just go Feed the Greed ..Let's not forget all those in need..

Food and oil ,Seems to be the only thing that people need...So raise the prices..
Out with the old abuse N with the Green/clean tech .That is the future.Balance and sustainability.

Text asbestos users tellm it's dangerous

A country that bans a product from their own country due 2 health concerns .should not B able 2 sell it 2 another country.Proves Greed!

Local bids first...What does that foreign company ,have to offer the local people, that they can't already get?..Who is benefiting.?

Nowadays Labourers seem 2 work at the expense of their freedoms.Doesn't seem to make sense.Does it?Get 2 work slave drones!

Why would foreign investers/biz owners care about Human rights/social issues in foreign countries?Just want the biz/cheap labor

Sorry lou.mayor of mich.,Virg Bernero is right.It's a race to cheapin labour while wall street cleans up.high class or no class

Unions were useful in the 70-80's .no longer worth anything in auto industry since capitalism controls all the slavedrones

Smokin ain't good 4 U.Why do it?Enjoy it? Fine.Bad health/loss of money.Who gains?Makes no sense 2 me.Do what U will.Slavedrone

Let's put tax $$$ to better use..Hire more litter pickers.

Responses to AM 640: Toronto Radio, Home of the Leafs - John Oakley (external - login to view)
#69 | New index measures the well-being of Canadians

Something to keep an eye on..Get involved in
More on Canadian Well-Being Index-Atkinson Charitable Foundation (external - login to view)
Have faith in the future of science..Peace or pieces..


Have a great weekend..

Green/clean technology is the future
Here's the governments choices for Medical Isotope shortage..

1. Get out of Isotope business period..

2.Fix N.R.U. reactor..Chalk river.. NRU Reactor - Chalk River (external - login to view)

3.Fix Maple reactor .. News Releases - AECL to Discontinue Development of the MAPLE Reactors (external - login to view)

4. Use linear accelerator.. Report of the Task Force on Alternatives for Medical Isotope Production | TRIUMF : Canada's National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics (external - login to view) (external - login to view)

The Canadian Nuclear FAQ - Section H: Research Reactors (external - login to view)

MAPLE reactor, End of AECL and Sad Day for Science in Canada Cyberwanderer’s Blog (external - login to view)

MDS urges Canada to restart Maple reactor project (external - login to view)

From the research I have done..It would seem most involved think the best plan is to fix the N.R.U/chalk river reactor looking at the linear reactor as the future alternative...

Harper conservatives seem to think getting out of the business completely is the best idea..The project has proven to be a money hole..

Scientists criticize the conservative position, saying it is a valuable industry with many benefits and should not be ignored/shut down..R&D in this field of study is very important and holds many great options/opportunities for Canada in the future ..

I believe any dangerous reactors should be shut down and not restarted..There are others who can make isotopes .There are other ways to check for Cancer(none as easy as isotopes).Perhaps a better goal would be to pursue the Linear reactor option..Cleaner..Future Benefits are much futher reaching..

The isotope business isn't going anywhere...Much demand for this business..Yet a better way to make isotopes is greatly needed...More R&D money invested into Linear acceleration would be benefiticial.For many reasons...

Something to keep an eye on..Of course there is always more to the story when it comes to Nuclear Reactors but let's stick to the issue at hand....
#73 | sciencetech | Data centre gets serious about using less energy

Pier 1-Data center - greener facility being built in Scarborough....Peer 1 GTA to feature "cool Roof"..

Good example of Green/clean technology
Here's a couple Cool lawn care ideas that help people get away from those nasty oil burners..

Video - (external - login to view)
McMaster University is going to make medical isotopes using their cyclotron accelerator to help make up the loss of production at Chalk River..

Is a Better choice than Chalk River....

McMaster starts producing medical isotopes

Cyclotron (external - login to view)
Here's the U.S. Global climate change report and info...Big read but Another #1 hit ..Now let's do it.!

The White House - Blog Post - Climate Change Impacts Across America -- Renewed Focus for Decisions

Wonder if Al gore helped out on this 1?
The Ol' Harper Conservatives way of protecting fish stocks is apparently to kill more seals!..SAD.. .Clear it all out !.Bring in more oil !(with repect to Danny Williams.wasn't left with many choices/options .That's the problem)..

What happens when the oil's gone/resources stripped, and all is left as dead waste land ?..

Conservative Government Greed will bleed us all/leave us all with...NOTHING.. in short and the long run!.

I know , here's a plan...Let's keep the seals/fish/respect the habitat/environment .... All that live for life.Not simply $$$$

Let's find other solutions to our countries problems besides just $ oil/auto $(green vehicles are exempt) .

Perhaps we can start a fish farm,there are other ways to get that much desired $green$ , while at the same time..Protecting/respecting our Beautiful Country /Earth ,from the reckless abuse of the greedy few...

Where does the money from oil /resources go?..

Apparently Not to Canadians who need it..or anything else Truly Canadian ...

People suffer ..while abusive/ignorant /Greedy /self-interested /money hogs, plow forward on thier apparent mission, to strip clean and tear apart all that is Canadian/all that is Canada/North American/Earth .

These greedy few, seem to turn their backs on our/their own childrens futures ,ignorant of their addiction, to the instant gratfication of Dirty/greasy/filthy Money ..

They reap the profits with no remorse..Strip it,waste it,drain it dry,to leave the rest suffering in the smoke and smog of thier ol' ,oil school ways.Playin ol oil school games..(YET AGAIN!)

Ol' Oil Conservatives seem to have no REAL plan for Canada ..Only for themselves/their interest groups, and thier own pocket books.

It is hard for them to see the future ,through the pollution of their own waste. If only they could clear away the thick black cloud , that surrounds thier heads/clogs their minds, long enough, to see there is another way.A better way.A Plan B...A balanced and sustainable approach . One that will ensure a long/prosperous/harmonious future for many generations to come, and beyond...A future full of great opportunies /options and choices ,besides that of just oil or auto..A future Many generations will be proud to be apart of/Contribute into..

That future which I speak of , is in Green/clean technology ..but of course.

..Bet you knew I was going to say that...

See?... A predicatable working Goal/plan for the future.

Some of us have been doing it for years..It really works!

What does the future for the greedy conservative look like.?

Any ideas?.I can't think of 1..

All I ask is Just please don't bring us all down there with you...


Cuz I don't wanna go there...Can't make me!

Thanks ..

Have a nice day !..

Last edited by GreenFish66; Jun 18th, 2009 at 03:50 PM..
Over and out there, for here.. (external - login to view)

Probably already know about this link socrates the greek, if not check it out..Is cool stuff..

Extremely Efficient Nuclear Fuel Could Take Man To Mars In Just Two Weeks (external - login to view)

When it comes to space travel ..Scientists are always looking for the lightest, most efficient, Clean tech vehicles to get us "out there" from here...

I am aware most of the future of space travel will be done by our machines.

It is in the human races best interest to find ways to live more effeciently /sustainably if we hope to create the best possible future for our children...Gotta have faith...I do...especially when I see what is possible in science..

People say why would any one want to go to mars or the moon ?...

All the science it takes to get us to the moon and beyond, is most beneficial ,first here, on planet eart...from recycling water to energy efficientcy ..Science is on the job...

Like I said before ..The best possible future(dream), in my mind ..would be to travel through out space..visiting other worlds/planets..exploring the universe. Still being able to have a home planet to go back to..If you couldn't go back ,just knowing it's there would give comfort...

Green/clean technology

Mother earth is ready to let her children go explore/populate the universe..Our Astonauts are working hard to make the dream a reality.

.Who wants to go first?.

Religion = past/what was/history of ITt.

Politics = present/what is/the system of ITt.

Science = the future/ what will be/ in mind of ITt


Of course...
Last edited by GreenFish66; Jun 19th, 2009 at 02:49 PM..
U.S. government lends $8B for 'green' vehicles

U.S. government lends $8B for 'green' vehicles

Gov giving indusrty Cash for green cars?..Hope the industry Doesn't take advantage of the "green".Why don't I trust big biz to do the right thing with "green" money...?..Eye's are on you Ford...Your the best of the bunch...keep it'll be fine..(look for ford quotes)... (external - login to view)

Wulfie68 quoting Henry Ford

Quote: A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.

The highest use of capital is not to make more money, but to make money do more for the betterment of life

Quote: There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible

Henry Ford was a brilliant man..
Macleans - Why Obama is bad for Canada..june 29 issue..

It's All about the dirty ol' oil sands...Conservatives/republicans are mad about the Obama climate change legislation .Obama wants it passed before next year.
Not good for dirty ol oil barrens.

According to the article by Luiza ch. Savage..(very briefly)- The oil sands currently export about half their production of 1.2 million barrels per day to U.S.(? wow ,can't be right)...Over next 25 years..,according to the Canadian energy research institute in Calgary, that production will more than doubled, to four million barrels per day,with most of that oil going to the U.S.

For Canada that will mean 380,000 (****ty.oops sorry) new jobs and an additional $1.4 trillion in GDP, which will kick off $252 Billion in (dirty) tax revenues ,more than half of which would go to Ottawa( to mis spend/waste on more conservative projects and to their interest groups .Like oil lobbyist Tom corcoran..)

On and On it goes..Harper conservatives and oil lobbyists again tryin to speak for Canada and Canadians without a clue as to what Canadians really want/need..Clean air to breath ..clean fresh water to drink..toxin free food to eat!..

1 guy who had nothing good to say about Obama was Tom Corcoran..A U.S/Rep.Oil sand lobbyist .

Must B 1 of the lobbyists Obama kicked out of the Congress....Harper conserves probably welcomed him with open arms

Cut back on oilsands? ..Right on!.Nuttin wrong with that, if U ask me.

Obama bad for Canada?....Notta chance..Best thing ever for real Canadians.. Not so good for greedy /land ravegin dirty oilers....

Harper Conservatives, stop tyin' Canada and Canadians in on this B.S..I am sure most Canadians would agree ..Obama is great for Canada..Harper.. not so much

Oil sands production emits up to 15% more greenhouse gasses than the production of conventional oil...

Oil bad ..Green / clean tech good...

Last edited by GreenFish66; Jun 24th, 2009 at 02:28 PM..
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Obama's movin ahead on his climate change legislation...When are the Harper conservatives gonna clue in and follow, like they've been known to do so many times before?..Why not this time?

Get with the times Conserves..

Green/clean technology is the future..
Andems thread ...Great Ideas ..One to keep an eye on!... (external - login to view)
House passes historic clean energy and climate bill today, thanks to your grassroots support.

Your turn Harper conserves..Runnin outta room to breath around here!..

House narrowly passes major energy-climate bill - The Denver Post (external - login to view)

David Sassoon: Clean Energy Climate Bill Gives Coal a Competitive Future (external - login to view)

Energy and Commerce Committee
ITt is what iTt is -It's that simple

Everything is energy and information...choose the info/apply the energy that works the best for you..follow it to the end..see what you find there..

Energy/information/observation/defense/offense/reproduction/ all proves evolution under god/earth/Gia or whatever you wanna call iTt... All as 1...

Postive/Negative/Hot/Cold/1/0..from the infinitely infinite, to the infinitesimal/infintesmal rounded to the closest finite..It is all energy and information based on human observation..

What works for you..?.

I have faith in the future..1 whole to 1 hole..hopefully 1 whole!

What fits in 1 ,comes out the other ,somewhere in between .

Some hope for romantic harmony, some satisfied with 1 big bang.!

...It's all in the eye of the beholder/with permission from the others involved ..

Is it all In 1's dream or in all reality? That's up to 1 and all long as the rest agree with you(huh?)...

From genetic design to outter environmental influences.surely you make you...but so do your genes/ the environment/people who surround you...

If this makes sense get an award!.How about a greenie..

If not ..well maybe iTt's better left in the dark.. Along with the majority.!
What's important..Is knowing What the award is for?.Who is recieving the award and most importantly ..Who is giving out the award..?

Many awards to hand out..Question is ..Do you really want the award being offered...?
Confused ?..Welcome to the human condition..
I hope we find some intelligent alien life forms out there someday..So we can compare answers!.

Perhaps Astro-biology would be the best field of science to study!..
Cuz Astro -biology is cool ...!

Math has proven itself..a very useful tool for measuring and solving a number of problems, but it sucks and hardly anyone but a few know the answers .Most are driven by profits(not prophets).The rest are economits...Noone can prove a mathematician right or wrong without instruction from the teacher/inventor/originator.....

That big calculator in the sky!

That's ITt..!
Gotta have faith in the future..All working in part. to put it all together into 1..idea ..1 reality all agree to...ideas not to tear it all apart...for 1 ...
We must all work together as 1 . Before relativity is eaten by the bits and pieces of quatuum mechanics ,leadin us all to complexity ending in Chaos..

All that leaves us in 1 big (k)not! ..

I believe in ITt .I like to call it God (cool name)..but I don't limit myself to just 1 book.. ..Because iTt gave us each our own brians to keep ITt ALL in mind...

I have faith in the future of everything, not just myself..

Hey It's ..Better than nothing!

Each piece of the puzzle, keeps growing I know..Deep down, we all know.. That the pieces all matter how they grow. To make 1 bigger picture..

Everyone/anyone can see the light.!.Fewer can Understand/Use what's in the light. to prove iTt true..

Unfortunatley ,Most are left in the dark.Believing all the signs they read ,written by others ...

Some reach higher .Looking for that spark that will put them up there ,with the stars.The others.The enlightened ones, who make it to that point.What point ? The highest point..The pointy point..What's my point?..

Most got there by Standing on the shoulders of Giants..

I have seen the light!Burned my wings more than once..

Anyone can see it...It's there... right before your eye's!

However you need these special high tech glasses to get the full view. ..for sale only $99.95 (external - login to view)

or these ones for 1.99

ITt is what it is ..Follow your dreams ..The funs in the adventure..The realities in the results!..

I have no real point..But I think Socrate the greeks idea of everything is electrifying..I'll ride that wave any time ..!

Long live, live music/theories of everything/earth , it's life/all those crazy aliens!

Just add water/air/food /stir /cook to required temperature./let stand.

mmm food for thought tastes good..Can I have some more please ..*P.E.U..was that you? .No?.. must have been me then.
Pardon me ,oh yes ,of course you can be excused..
Everything is energy and information..The rest is recyclable waste..

over and out there from here...

In the end, everyone believes in 1..

It is what iTt is!..

Feet on the ground,head in the clouds .with a boost 1 can see the stars!
Over and out there from here "DEEP SPACE"
* Person/earth/universe...In the end ..We're all alone ,as far as we know..

Anyone seen hitchhikers guide to the galaxy?

If we could talk to the whales/dolphins we would know for sure what the future holds..Or it all goes to the birds..!
Green/clean technology holds the key to the future..

If you got this far ...Thanks for readin my spew...

Headache?...I have Anacin for sale ...$3.99 a bottle or $1.00 a tablet

Not to believe in God(or whatever you call ITt)

Is just plain crazy!It's pure Insanity!

ITt'll Zap ya!
There are tons of great green/clean tech ideas and products out there to invest in..What's stopin the progress?..Get with the times govs

Electric Articles (external - login to view)

Top 10 Electric Cars Flying Under the Radar - Electric Vehicle Symposium - Popular Mechanics (external - login to view)

The Earth Institute at Columbia University (external - login to view)

Remote Sensing and Surveillance of Oil Spills

MTV Thinkmtv - Features - Environment - Pimp My Green Ride (external - login to view)

1. Concentrated Solar Power - Alternative Energy - TIME (external - login to view)

Solar Powered Cars (external - login to view)

Green pioneer Ecology & Environment goes global - Jul. 6, 2009 (external - login to view)

Greenpeace unfurls banner on Mount Rushmore - (external - login to view)
Last edited by GreenFish66; Jul 8th, 2009 at 05:55 PM..
Your View: Harper announces new Arctic patrol vessels

International Arctic Research Center Home Page (external - login to view)

Bizarre New Deep-Sea Creatures Found Off Antarctica (external - login to view) (external - login to view)

Hmm what's goin on at the poles ?
I=PAT stands for Impact = Population x Affluence x Technology (environmental impact)

I=PAS stands for Impact = Population x Affluence / Sustainable Technology

I PAS = Green/Clean technology...
Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFish66View Post

GG this case ,given the situation..I agree with your position . It is sad to kill cute cudley little seals, and if it was just about the money .I might have sided different. Backing the native /aboriginal culture is common sense.They help monitor and sustain wildlife populations necessary in the conservation, and preservation, of this great diverse Canadian nation.

Simply put .Natives live up there cuz they can.No one else wants to...Who are we to tell them how to live..?.I'm not tellin them,You tell m..!I forgot my snow shoes...But arggh..bluck..Seal heart..?..Maybe A little bit over the the top.. If it was just natives huntin in "the seal hunt" , wouldn't be such an issue...Bit of an overkill....
Canada's gov.gen. Eats raw heart right outta seal!....I ain't messin with anyone who eats raw seal heart...raw/viscious but...I salute you General seal heart.(new native name)...I'm on your side on this one...Tastes like sushi.?.



She should have had the Mukthak instead,walrus blubber thats been buried underground untill its fermented and then dug up and eaten.

I'm thinking of a real simple plan that should save me a few heating bucks this winter,just regular solar cells to charge some old cat batteries that will be hooked up to my $70.00 inverter I use in my truck,that will power a ceramic heater and should give me some cheap power as I can get the batteries for next to nothing,lots of oilpatch monitoring stations or shacks use solar cells and its only a matter of time before they upgrade to newer more efficient ones and the old ones hopefully become available.

Nothing fancy but it should save a few bucks and the old cat batteries will stay out of the landfill for a few more years.
Kakato..Right on man..Anythings better than doing nothing..Ignoring the problems of over excessive energy consumption won't make the realities go away...

Thanks for your comment..
Ontario pushes electric cars as auto-sector boost

Better something now than nothing later

Charging gadget redefines power-walking | Green Tech - CNET News (external - login to view)

Edge of Discovery - Special Reports from (external - login to view)

Edge of discovery /Cnn had a walking gadget that charges batteries as well, however I can't find it and ironically enough my lap top batteries gonna die ..So I don't have time to find it..Oh well ..Cool site anyway...Check it out...

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