1 eye on the others open

C-46 (external - login to view) - Here goes more personal freedoms at the expense of the few ...

Once again governments and their security interests force feed their intrusive rules and regulations onto the publics internet .All that will be left is Cable TV .Dominated by Propaganda and selected Bias questions .All internet interaction will be barracaded/cornered into over regulated gossip rages / social websites/Big brother bullitens..The Information highway will be throttled , roadblocks put up causing nothing but traffic jams and crashing websites..Customers/cummuters left P.O'd with cyberspace road rage. ...Peoples privacy /freedoms/rights invaded/infringed upon with little/no real proof..Assumed guilty until they can prove their innocence in a court of Blawblaw!

We don't need thought police..We don't need New laws that would unfairly punish/abuse the majority .There are Laws that already exist to punish those few who choose to break the Laws.

The last thing the Global internet public needs is out of touch Politicians trying to control a great global tool and its users. ...Get to know and use the tools with everyone else...or butt out..You can't control something that was ment to be....The truth...It will proceed With or without your acceptance.. Grey politicians have ruined enough futures with your faulty bureaucratic B.S games...Get with the times Politicians..
The police have enough tools to deal with "criminals". If they have proof the law has been broken.!..

Personal computer and cell phones are personal devices not public devices ..An extentsion of the mind not the body...It is an invasion of privacy to pry into peoples personal affairs without proof..
Cable Vs Local TV - Government Vs Media..?

Carriage Fee - Pay 2x?

CBC News In Depth: Television

How Many Canadians Subscribe to Cable TV or Satellite TV? (external - login to view)

Local TV Matters vs. Stop The TV Tax at MasterMaq's Blog (external - login to view)

The Agenda - The Agenda Blogs - The Inside Agenda (external - login to view)

Where does public freedom of choice lie.?

I am a Canadian who believes Canadians, and globally interested friends, should decide what they wish to watch on their idiot tubes.
What are Canada's "TV" ratings?

I watch some Canadian programs .It's in my interest as a Canadian . I believe that if Canadians and global friends are given an option to buy a" Canadian Tv package ".They would....(Complete with all the bias, political minded, media, news networks, and other fine quality programing/Brainwash)....The choice should be that of the viewer!
If Canadians or interested global friends want to subscribe to the Canadian channel/Package ..Let the option be theirs..If you don't want to watch .You shouldn't be forced to pay for it.
It's a medium vs politics debate, that in the end ,like always,will be payed for (2x) by the consumer/Tv zombies /Slave Drones .Consumers will be forced to pay for no matter which way it goes ...Both sides want your money $$.

Big Biz /Government will force feed The Beer Saturated Couch Potatoes full of expensive advertising,Lul them into a hypnotic stuper, using HD Zoom in's of naked ladies ,complete with sublimal sugestive tattoos in erotic places. Then work fast to pick their pockets while distracted .Get them to agree to lots of shady conditions and all sorts of "out of this world "prices ..All at the push of a button .A wave of the magical wand .A shake of the wonder stick.!

Who should get to decide what Canadians watch?.Coka cola ,the Government, Oprah?$$
Personally? I would support the TV channel that could bring me a Cold Canadian beer, while watching A Canadian Hockey Game.On the O Canada Channel.All together at the most resonable price!
CokaCola taste good with Pizza ,popcorn and a movie .
.News - (the agenda)- goes great with a Tim Hortons Coffee.
I say Let individual taste , good ratings and clear transparent regulations decide what Brainwash and drivel we will watch on our T.V sets...
*Another solution? .. Just turn the TV off..Spend all your time lost in cyberspace..Watch what you want ,when you want.In your own demension..*
Man ,I'm Hungry.There's nothing on!
Various things to keep an eye on -

http://www.actra.ca/actra/control/hotnews1?category=hn&id=10719 (external - login to view)

- Goes with above post- Cable Vs Local TV - Government Vs Media..? - Actors view - Actra

Harper making nuclear deal with India ..India wants Uranianium.We have Uranium.

..I'm curious to know who stores the waste? ....

While our reactors are down is Canada permitted to store other peoples waste up to our regulated limits?.

Canada’s nuclear waste (external - login to view)

news.webindia123.com/news/art...5/1384335.html (external - login to view) -

NAHPM (external - login to view) -


Chinese censors block Obama’s call to allow Internet freedom - The Boston Globe (external - login to view)

....and he's not allowed to talk to the Dalai Lama either - Where does the future of Freedom lie?

Barack Obama cancels meeting with Dalai Lama 'to keep China happy' - World (external - login to view)


Random Hacks of Kindness (external - login to view) - Random Hacks of Kindness - Not sure what to think about this yet.. Sounds like a good idea although it's Very open to abuse..


Private Members' Bills (external - login to view) - Good to keep handy
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Consumers lose in TV/cable war | Editorial | Comment | Toronto Sun - I hardly ever agree with L .Goldstein ..Especially when it comes to the climate change debate .However, on the Cable/Satellite issue it would seem we're on the same page..
Will Ferrell, Forbes Top Celebrities (external - login to view)

Will Ferrell is Hollywood's most overpaid star: Forbes - Yahoo! News (external - login to view)

The Top-Earning Comedians - Forbes.com (external - login to view)

Will ferrel is the one of the most humorous comedic genius' ever... How about we be fair and compare him to other comedy movies.. Not easy to be a great comedian ...He is even better as himself.No script required.. right up there with Jim Carrey , Robin Williams..,Eddie Murphy ....
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Dion's Wife Rips Ignatieff [VIDEO] - Blogging Canadians (external - login to view)

Stephane Dion's wife - I liked Mr.Dion..The Media seemed to have their issues with him.But I respected him.. I still think he would make a great Green Party leader.Perhaps even a historic Green Party Leader ..A Great "Green Power" Leader...cbc



http://www.windsorstar.com/technology/Climate+change+expected+again+dominate+Commonwealt h+summit/2280826/story.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&u tm_campaign=Feed%3a+canwest%2fF237+(Windsor+Star+-+News (external - login to view))



Put the money where it is needed and does the greatest good for the largest number of people .(into Green /Clean Technology )...There will be no Poverty vs Deficit...It will all be Sustainable prosperity ..
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U.S. National Debt Clock (external - login to view) -U.S National debt - Wow! - Where does the money go?...Thanks Rick Sanchez..I enjoy the show..and all the good info
Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Share Their 'Optimism' With Eager Columbia Business Students - CNBC (external - login to view)

CNBC - Re run .. .Keeping America Great ...Buffett and Gates . - Great show ! 2 Great men...I nominate Bill Gates as the 1st ..The one and only World leader.There is no one else who could be as trusted.....Buffett is a great Man /Mentor and leader .However ..He's way too far over on the other side of the market from me.....Both Gates and Buffett together show America's wide spectrum of balance and power ...Can't say the same for many others ..They are truly great leaders and pioneers to look up to . Tough acts to follow..
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1 peace or in pieces?
Inspired by - Goar: Punished for working too diligently - thestar.com - Punished for working too diligently - and all the others who struggle within "The system."

George Lopez ..."No...She's Not depressed..Life just kicked the Crap out of her.. .It's natural .Happens all the time.That's Life.... Depression is a rich person disease.."..(or somethin like that)
Some will claim welfare /social assistant recipients are" lazy Bastards."..Cheating the system...The reality is, only a very small few are as such...The rest are honest people with serious hurdles to overcome..One of the biggest barriers for these unfortunate recipients( besides being unable to make a living off what few, Real ,options they have left ,if any real choice, or option at all) is having to work their way through the growing systematic problems created by seemingly unsympathetic , Greedy, self involved ,self interested Governments/Biz . Governments/Big Biz who are more than aware of the struggles these people endure daily ,yet are blatantly unwilling to act to properly assist ,correct, stem off, these ever more burdensome issues...Grey areas and solvable problems seem to expontentially branch off , continuously sprouting into bigger, more serious ,thorny issues, no one wants to touch .At an ever increasing expense to us all. Solutions seem to be few and far between in the tangled over growth of Partisan Politics ...In the untrimmed ,tatered mess of politics/Dirty Big Biz period .
What to do now ?...Is always a question looking for solutions...

How do we fix these problems ?

 Smaller Government .?...P.R.(proportional representation )..?...A Government/Biz simply more Accountable and Transparent/Open to its people?.. Would be nice. ..How about One that works to find real sustainable solutions. Not one that strategically exploits it's own manufactured problems/ issues, for some quick cheap publicity,instant gratification, self absorbed self interest.In the end succeeding only at further exposing /scratching the scabs off an already wounded system..Leaving it festering and gapping open, susceptible to even greater risk of abuse and sytematic infection.We need Government /Biz /All problem solvers, to seriously get involved ,to work at finding the cures/ sustainable Remedies/ Solutions to all that ails us and our life supporting systems.. People /Our communitees/countries /This World's survival, depends on it..
There is a guiding light at the end of the tunnel ..I can see it with my one good eye...Question still remains as to whether it's a peaceful,welcoming, euphoric light offering peace/health/well being/sustainablity/proserity( Green/Clean tech ) ,or the light from an explosion/ 1 big Bang !.... Perhaps it's the promise of one, with the risk/ consequence of the other...... ...
We must always proceed with cautious confidence ..
"Only Time will Tell..Hope it Screams and Yells .Long before it's almost over..." ..Quote from "Waiting till the End" - Greenfish66 on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads ..
Personally ..I have faith in the future.
1 Peace or in pieces ?..
( Hmmmm...If asked ...I think I would probably nominate Bill Gates as the 1st World leader/Earth Representative .Even though it probably isn't possible .(In his 1st life time anyway).. .....Although, I guess it would really depend on who was running...What the choices will be)...
Over and out there from here...
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