1 eye on the others open

There' is no real excuse for cheating on your better half.. some just can't seem to control that animal urge when confronted with the opportunity..

.I would say the relationship has probably gone stale ,if anyone could even think of cheating on that life partner,That soul mate..The 1 and only...

Don't normally like to go there but Here's some Personal info(not lookin for pity ,just for the issue so don't get all sappy on me ) ..

I don't want to offend my ex .Put her through anymore than she has..Believe me she's gone though enough ..She does have a good heart..However .All being equal and all..Both men and women cheat.

Seems (according to all the news lately) like only men are cheating .My wife cheated on me..With a co-worker at a party.I Heard him braggin about it outside a local bar ,to his friends ,a couple weeks after.Wasn't braggin or doin much for awhile after that cuz I beat the supreme **** out of him..(another animal instinct, but that's another story).

Don't go to bars much anymore..!to watch drunkin dicks goin after drunk flirty,gigglin girls just doesn't do it for me (anymore)
This sort of thing happens all the time( more so for party people who just can't settle.Wanna see what their worth on the market I guess.).

.I split with my wife after 10 yrs!..I never would have..I believe you should stick with the one your with..We are still friends, but I could never trust her again..It just seemed too easy for her to do it and then lie afterwards ..Until she could no longer deny the truth....We have both had parteners since..Her more than me..I believe It is easier for women than men to find another partener .Now What kinda partener they are willing to settle for, still bewilders me...(as a man..In my perspective)..

I Will never marry again...

I gave it all away..(including too much personal info on this thread).. Both sexs can cheat ..but there seems to have been more men doing it publically latley...

I say don't be a victum..Get over it and move on..Not worth the time in the end..Can't dwell in the past...It's not good for anyone

I've had girlfriends since..Better this way!

None yet have met my son..I will wait for the day 1 proves worthy...

Enough about my sob story..That was years ago ..Better days are here and ahead...Still lack the trust and comittment to get attached again .But I'm workin on it!

ANYWAY... Would say Sanford seemed compassionate in his appology.Confronted his guilt.Wonder if he woulda came clean on his own..?.Givin his inabilility to control his animal instinct .I wouldn't trust that human....He's an animal.!!.

But deep down ..aren't we all.?

Don't be a victum...It's just sex!

Forgivness is 1 of the best human traits...Easier said than done ..I know..
I think it is fairly safe to say ..good lookin people are more likely to cheat.More opportunities...I was a musician for years ..I knew a lot of party girls who liked the idea of benefits..Using their looks to Get what they could outta 1 guy than moving on to the next..Some called them groupies in the music world..As they got older they either found that 1 rich guy ..sometimes rich old guy ,and settled ..or ..well they went the other way....

.As women are more likely to cheat in their good lookin younger years.(I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm off) .Men are more likely to cheat as they get older.especially if they are in a position of power(women like powerful men)..Women after child birth tend to settle(nest/nuture) ,most become self conscious of their bodies..and are less likely to cheat...Men age better than women so they say...Good lookin women have a harder time through those later years .Dealin with the effects of gravity,.Can be hard to live with......but that's gettin off topic now..I ain't Dr. phil..(wildlife /ecology is my area of study) Point?..If I have one

We're all animals tryin to be humans...Politician or not ..There is no line drawn in the sand when it comes to our animal urges..Is/was natural

Or as Noam Chomskey once said ..

"we are all animals trying to become angels.."

I like animals -humans-angels...I don't think any human today could/would consider themself an angel...Some could still be considered as animals...

Some would simply say...Spring fever
ITt is what iTt is -It's that simple

Everything is energy and information...choose the info/apply the energy that works the best for you..follow it to the end..see what you find there..

Energy/information/observation/defense/offense/reproduction/ all proves evolution under god/earth/Gia or whatever you wanna call iTt... All as 1...

Postive/Negative/Hot/Cold/1/0..from the infinitely infinite, to the infinitesimal/infintesmal rounded to the closest finite..It is all energy and information based on human observation..

What works for you..?.

I have faith in the future..1 whole to 1 hole..hopefully 1 whole!

What fits in 1 ,comes out the other ,somewhere in between .

Some hope for romantic harmony, some satisfied with 1 big bang.!

...It's all in the eye of the beholder/with permission from the others involved ..

Is it all In 1's dream or in all reality? That's up to 1 and all ..as long as the rest agree with you(huh?)...

From genetic design to outter environmental influences.surely you make you...but so do your genes/ the environment/people who surround you...

If this makes sense ...you get an award!.How about a greenie..

If not ..well maybe iTt's better left in the dark.. Along with the majority.!
What's important..Is knowing What the award is for?.Who is recieving the award and most importantly ..Who is giving out the award..?

Many awards to hand out..Question is ..Do you really want the award being offered...?
Confused ?..Welcome to the human condition..
I hope we find some intelligent alien life forms out there someday..So we can compare answers!.

Perhaps Astro-biology would be the best field of science to study!..
Cuz Astro -biology is cool ...!

Math has proven itself..a very useful tool for measuring and solving a number of problems, but it sucks and hardly anyone but a few know the answers .Most are driven by profits(not prophets).The rest are economits...Noone can prove a mathematician right or wrong without instruction from the teacher/inventor/originator.....

That big calculator in the sky!

That's ITt..!
Gotta have faith in the future..All working in part. to put it all together into 1..idea ..1 reality all agree to...ideas not to tear it all apart...for 1 ...
We must all work together as 1 . Before relativity is eaten by the bits and pieces of quatuum mechanics ,leadin us all to complexity ending in Chaos..

All that leaves us in 1 big (k)not! ..

I believe in ITt .I like to call it God (cool name)..but I don't limit myself to just 1 book.. ..Because iTt gave us each our own brians to keep ITt ALL in mind...

I have faith in the future of everything, not just myself..

Hey It's ..Better than nothing!

Each piece of the puzzle, keeps growing I know..Deep down, we all know.. That the pieces all fit.no matter how they grow. To make 1 bigger picture..

Everyone/anyone can see the light.!.Fewer can Understand/Use what's in the light. to prove iTt true..

Unfortunatley ,Most are left in the dark.Believing all the signs they read ,written by others ...

Some reach higher .Looking for that spark that will put them up there ,with the stars.The others.The enlightened ones, who make it to that point.What point ? The highest point..The pointy point..What's my point?..

Most got there by Standing on the shoulders of Giants..

I have seen the light!Burned my wings more than once..

Anyone can see it...It's there... right before your eye's!

However you need these special high tech glasses to get the full view. ..for sale only $99.95 http://www.trendhunter.com/photos/33183 (external - login to view)

or these ones for 1.99


ITt is what it is ..Follow your dreams ..The funs in the adventure..The realities in the results!..

I have no real point..But I think Socrate the greeks idea of everything is electrifying..I'll ride that wave any time ..!

Long live, live music/theories of everything/earth , it's life/all those crazy aliens!

Just add water/air/food /stir /cook to required temperature./let stand.

mmm food for thought tastes good..Can I have some more please ..*P.E.U..was that you? .No?.. must have been me then.
Pardon me ,oh yes ,of course you can be excused..
Everything is energy and information..The rest is recyclable waste..

over and out there from here...

In the end, everyone believes in 1..

It is what iTt is!..

Feet on the ground,head in the clouds .with a boost 1 can see the stars!
Over and out there from here "DEEP SPACE"
* Person/earth/universe...In the end ..We're all alone ,as far as we know..

Anyone seen hitchhikers guide to the galaxy?

If we could talk to the whales/dolphins we would know for sure what the future holds..Or it all goes to the birds..!
Green/clean technology holds the key to the future..

If you got this far ...Thanks for readin my spew...

Headache?...I have Anacin for sale ...$3.99 a bottle or $1.00 a tablet

Not to believe in God(or whatever you call ITt)

Is just plain crazy!It's pure Insanity!

ITt'll Zap ya!
A memorial deserved of the great king pop..

..Half expected MJ to kick the casket open ,sing and dance, moon walk ,up and down the stage.But He's Restn'.In.Peace today .He's kickn off his "great gig in the sky " tour tommorow ,for all the eternal greats..!

The big guy's apparently a big MJ fan!..We all know MJ won't disappoint..Here the applause?..Feel the Energy.?..That's not thunder/It's not lightning..That's A standing "O"! One hell.of a light show.!...One great,unforgetable, Entertainer..Forever and Always..Amen! ..

MJ ,One of peace n harmony .Now becomes One with the musical universe..Who'd have thought 1 person ,could have such a big impact on this world/planet..Truly,the undisputed King of pop!..Rock.In.Peace MJ..07/07/09
CTV.ca | G8 leaders say economy uncertain, stimulus needed

Of course political Leaders/big biz/insurance/banks don't want to give stimulus..It is all B.S.....They got theirs ..So why care about the others?

Controls the name of the game..And They loves playin games..Bubble and bust is the game ol' Leaders /oil biz/banks and insurance know best..The markets rule..the rest drool...So Screw the rest.

Lets keep and create the same ol problems.over and over again.so we can create more commitees.To try to solve them .Over and over again...Apparently this Makes Leaders look important..Nothing more than make work projects if you ask me..Hope they prove me wrong this time..

Bail-out/stimulus(B.S.) ..All fabricated /manufactured..B.S...Let's try solvin real problems for a change.Then maybe the people would trust and look up to these leaders again..As for now..I ,like many will ignore them..Call it what it always seems to be..B.S. Games .with little gains. No real sustainable future for the slave drones..

Same ol /same oil..

Green /clean technology is the future..
Russia faces their addiction to gamblin revenue..Good move wish others would follow

Politicians are becoming addicted to gambling revenues at the expense of those addicted senior gamblers...Bus them in ..take their money..send them home..It's just plain criminal..It is time for governments to get outta the gambling business.Sell them off.Governments into gambling Only adds the belief that government only cares about 1 thing. $$$$...

Russia's casinos forced to close down - Russia- msnbc.com (external - login to view)

www.novascotiadownsyndromesoc..._final-web.pdf (external - login to view)

Hooked on VLTs, 'Trailer Park' star plans film

Even Jon Dunsworth who plays Jim Lahey on "The trailor park boy sknows the problems with Gaming machines...

I believe privately/big biz owned casino's can be fun to visit..Once in a while ,but, do we really need 3 or 4 with in 30 minutes of each other..What does this say about the priorities of the Ontario government?..Do we really need so many Casino's?...It's bad enough we have to worry about Big biz rippin the people off..Do we really need the government in the biz!...

who is regulating the regulators..It is sad...!

Problem gamblers hit Ontario casinos with $3.5B lawsuit

New Casino commercial ads on radio and T.V say they don't want Gamblers in their casino's and say 3 % are addicted gamblers...False...It's more like 50% are addicted repeat gamblers..Those problem gamblers account for up to 60% of the casino's revenues.!...But of course you won't here this outta the horses mouth ..Ignornace is bliss...Not hard to research the facts, when you have 4 casino's to study within 1 hr of your house...Don't believe the government statistics .They like to mess with the numbers in their own favour..Like the slot machines.Do your own research..The truth is easily visible..

Bus the seniors in ,luring them with coupons and play points ..Keep them there all day till the next bus comes to pick them up..You can spend $100 easily in less than 30min(do the math)...with nowhere else to go ..you will be waiting a long time for your ride home..Depressing /sad ain't it?

Ontario's Mob - Government cultivating addicts (external - login to view)

Time to get outta the gambling biz Governments...Show the people you care about more than the money!...But if it is about the money .There is far more money to be made in regulating casino's and helping addicted gambers than creating them..

BAD BUSINESS to be in when your the government..!

I think it is time Canadians arrange an intervention for the Canadian/Ontario /municiple governments ..It is time they face their addiction to gambling revenue..!..

Time Government gets outta the gambling industry .So They can fairly regulate it.!

It's common sense..!
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Video - Breaking News Videos from CNN.com (external - login to view)

Obama moves to bolster U.S.-Russia ties - CNN.com (external - login to view)

Obama moves to bolster U.S.-Russia ties - CNN.com (external - login to view)

We all thank you U.S.A /Russia for takin the time/ effort at making the world a little safer/Gives confidence, that together we can ensure a strong / peaceful /proserpous future for all ..

We all thank you U.S.A /Russia for moving us all a little closer to A future we can all trust / respect/dream about...A future that ensures a strong / peaceful /proserpous future for all ..

A balanced /sustainable/ co-operative energy future using green./clean technology ,will ensure a strong / peaceful /proserpous future for all ..
TheStar.com | Canada | Chalk River reactor down until end of the year

Pelindaba Nuclear Research Center - South Africa Special Weapons Facilities (external - login to view)

How much is an isotope goin for nowadays?....

Does this count towards Canada's $.70 of $100 promised by Rich countries to help Sub-Saharan Africa converge by 2010 ..?

Where does the money go?...Hmmm

Maybe Harpers not such a bad guy...Hope their reactor can take the extra heat...

McMaster university can make isotopes with the collider

McMaster starts producing medical isotopes
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Black in America (external - login to view)

African/Americans withstood years of abuse by no fault of their own.No need to debate the fact the first African/Americans were slaves. (right?)

However, Inorder to truly absorb the full picture of their struggle..Which I admittedly only know through reading books /internet /tv ..We all have to ask many questions ., Some contraversial....Like;

Were their good slave owners?..

Who are they?...

Is this an oxymoron ?...Am I a moron to ask?...

While I'm touching on a touchy subject...Dare I ask...

.Are the Ancestors /decendants of slaves ,African /Americans, better off today ,then they would have been in Africa, had the unfortunate event of the slave trade , never occured ..?

Was the hardship and tradgedy African/Americans endured,in the past, worth the present and future, most families of slaves have now and will enjoy .. How are decendants of slaves doing today?.

When asked ..Would a past slave say they are thankful that the life they had to endure,has proved to benefit the livelyhood of their families now?.

....It is the greater good question..With 1 big Difference of course..The greater good obviously didn't start out with the slaves best interest in mind.This mind was /has changed.How it changed for the betterment of African/Americans and All Americans , Is a great story..Through many hardships and the relentless determination of Africans and those true Americans who believed/helped in thier fellow humans struggle for equality/freedom... There are many happy endings....We need to hear those strories now ..More than ever before....For everyones benefit, in this increasingly, global minded era...

Peace ..or pieces ?

AFP: Canada: Facebook violates privacy law (external - login to view)

Face book breakin privacy laws?..It's a social network..!..Sure 3rd person marketers use the info you share with others...

We slavedrones have been guinea pigs for years! What's so different now?.....

It is fine to ensure transparentcy and accountability when it comes to 3rd party vewiers..We would all like to know where the info goes.?.Where it comes from is just as interesting


There is no need to erase the past..Let the records stand.!..Stops other 3, 4th party viewers/moderators/editors/govs/ lawyers(who ever would stand to gain from controlled info) from fudgin the past.guiding the future....

Who Controls/influences the flow of free flyin ,free thinkin, historic info.?..

It would be good to hear the truth about where the info goes/comes form...but if privacy /info control groups, want to erase the past ! Keep only what suits them.....That 's another issue...More shady laws we don't need..

Watch it!...
Bruce reactor shut down...Due to low demand?...Sure why not..Maybe now the time for up grades..Just watchin this story with curiousity

Bruce Power shuts Ontario Bruce 6 reactor for work | Industries | Industrials, Materials & Utilities | Reuters (external - login to view)

Bruce Ontario Bruce 8 reactor back | Markets | Markets News | Reuters (external - login to view)

TheSpec.com - CanadaWorld - Lack of demand shuts down reactor (external - login to view)
Seems to be a lot of the flu tends to swarm around the water....Perhaps more water testing is needed to get some reassurance that the water we are swimming in is safe to swim in..

What exactly is in the water nowadays?

http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/afp/090715/canada/health_flu_canada (external - login to view)

http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/cbc/090720/canada/canada_north_aboriginal_flu_5 (external - login to view)
Canada’s Northern Strategy (external - login to view)

Stratégie pour le nord du Canada | Canada's Northern Strategy (external - login to view)
Lets get everyone up there in the arctic with ice breakers, breaking the ice up...Could global warming be a self fulling prophecy?...Get more into this later..
Canada’s Northern Strategy (external - login to view)

Arctic strategy documents (external - login to view)

peopleandplanet.net > biodiversity > newsfile > new russian arctic park to protect key polar bear habitat (external - login to view)

Campaigning to protect America (external - login to view)

WWF - The Arctic - Protecting Arctic Environments (external - login to view)

WWF - New Russian Arctic Park to Protect Key Polar Bear Habitat - (external - login to view)

Hunted near extinction, blue whales returning to Alaska | KIDK CBS 3 - News, Weather and Sports - Idaho Falls - Pocatello - Blackfoot, ID - Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Blackfoot - Idaho | National & World News (external - login to view)

Europe takes first step towards minerals Arctic policy to protect energy security | Environment | guardian.co.uk (external - login to view)

anwr.org - Wildlife Protection (external - login to view)

When it comes to resources /wildlife and the Arctic...There are many concerns to discuss ...Here are a few links to get an idea of the issues at hand...

My fear/greatest concern is the Arctic will be torn apart and used for resources with little care for anything else...Seems to be the way big business and governments work..Break up all the ice ..tear the arctic into little pieces ,split it amongst the hord till there's nothing left ..Blame the effects/consequences on global warming...

Hope leaders of Arctic council and others who have interest in the Arctic, will do what is best for ALL who live,respect and are involved/evolving in the arctic environment...

The Arctic has been called "the final frontier" ..I sure hope not! ...lets respect it ..OR ELSE!..MAMA NATURE WILL GET P.O'D!..
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forums.canadiancontent.net/ne...-danger-s.html (external - login to view)

forums.canadiancontent.net/in...spiracy-2.html (external - login to view)

Here's some threads on Swine flu and vaccines ..Great read...You decide?...Tell me what you think!
Ananova - Hawking receives honour from Obama (external - login to view)= Congrates stephen Hawking on recieving freedom award... 1 of many ..

August 10, 2009 - First Black Holes Born Starving (external - login to view) -- Black holes born starving?

Astrobiology: Life in Space Webcast (Library of Congress) - life in space

Oil Is Mastery: Holocene Impact Update (external - login to view)

Summer Meteor Shower - Don;t forget the meteor shower
CTV.ca | 15 per cent of preschoolers suffer depression

Reseachers /Studies say "more young children are depressed because of their mothers ".(?)..

I thought the kids were too hyper? ..Now there's a problem with the quite ones too..?...Leave the kids alone..Depressed ,sensitive mothers .Angry,neandrathawl fathers.?.It's barbaric to use social studies to probe childrens brians inorder try to find something wrong to fix.

...They are kids..!.. Their bubblin energy factories of change,- based on genetics ,their environment ,their choices and options.It isn't mothers depressing children..It's some teachers..some socialists...a few politicians.a couple doctors...media editor .. ....NOT only the mothers ..their parents .....There are ups and downs,left and rights,in ,outs... in everyones life ,

.Life is multi-demensional, with markers to keep you based in reality(hopefully)along the way.There are many obstacles,paths to take, waves to manage...Sink , float ..balance...and sustain...Maintain..So keep it up and Over the mountains.(:.After that it's all down hill .!..Let the kids play .Don't bother them with Social sappy news drama's that do nothing more than give depressed parents something else to worry about.Stuffm fulla drugs before school that'll helpm!
Ok Now my short answer to quiet depressed kids, mothers story ..

Sounds like everyones grumpy. Gotta go back to school.!.Falls comming !..It's wet and rainy outside.!.WAAAH!..enjoy it all for what it is..!.Tis Life !!..

It's time for kids to go back to school!.

Teachers , simply Think of quiet kids as good listeners ,and cram as much information in them as you can before they wake up..lol..I love this time of year...Yeah..yee haw !!..hipp hipp horray .!.

or in kid lingo..

hip hop hurry ,hurry , hooray...back to school ..hey ..yayha...!.?!..(or something like that:)..I no need eduction ..me not n scool no more!..lol..Have fun stewdents..!(jokin of course pupils ..please don't pick on me , bully me or steel my bike .K.)

Give it your best..Never give it all..Enjoy what you have or you'll never know till it's gone.!!..

In a world full of negatives,gotta find that positive and ride the wave to better times ahead..!
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Michael Moore " Time to put a stake through the heart of capitalism ".....Would be a good quote if Capitalists had a heart to stake!..

Capitalists have no heart!...

Who cares about Health care ?

How many illegal immigrants in the U.S.? ..How many in the health care system?...

How many homeless people in U.S ?...How many are in the health care system..?..

How many recently unemployed people have no health care?...

Illegal immigrants are irrelevant to the real issue..

Healt care is a necessity ..There is more humanity in a public health care system.!...
There should be public health care for Americans ..ALL AMERICANS !...

Treat the people like they are respected by their country...Regardless of a their status.. Everyone should have the right to live life to the fullest .To be respected by their country .It should be a given in a 1st world country...

Illegal immigrants without healthcare ?..It's a none issue ,that does nothing more than stir up B.S. ..

It is obvious by looking at most other free,1st world countries, that public health care is obviously the best option....When it comes to health care it should be about giving the best,most effective /efficient health care possible , at the fairest price .Made more possible by a public health plan..

....It's about showing you care about your countries people not just $$$$...

Time to show some heart Republicans/Capitalists .!.Ooops , sorry, forgot ..Republican.Economists/Capitalist marketeers have no heart... If they wanted one, they would simply buy one, from someone who needs the money for their families health needs.I suppose $$$$$ is the rational behind the Republican health care stance(?)....

So Here!..Have a heart Republicans! ...That way you can have a heart attack ,go bankrupt ,and loose your health insurance..Then you might be able to understand ,that for most..Life doesn't evolve around oil and gold!..

As most can see ,given the last 10 yrs and the state of the economy..There is no middle ground!....Fair Markets always loose their heart, when self involved/self interested Republican capitalists and their blind folded followers try to take the lead!...

Only 1 way to live a full and complete life ...

In 1 Peace! ..not cut up into tiny pieces!

Peace or pieces ?

Wonder how big a gold bubble can get before it bursts?...Shouldn't put all your golden eggs in one nest ..Unless you have a young , golden egg, laying chick... Just like you shouldn't put all your golden eggs, in one, gold diggin, Easter bunnies basket ..Spread the wealth ...Don't be a greedy giant ...or a thieving Jack...Or in the future you might fall ,break your crown and Have to live off ,Bean stalk soup.Sure ,There's lot's of it,but it's an aquired taste that takes some getting used to..Variety is the spice of life.. ...OK ...OK ..enough ,for now..
Police crack down on Downtown Eastside street disorder :: The Hook (external - login to view) -
Cracking down on jay walking - Looks to me like a couple cross walks might be needed in these trouble areas...
Porn filters needed in schools, libraries: MPP -

Bill to filter out porn in libraries is not a concern..Just how much of a problem is there with people watching porn in a library ..?..Issue Doesn't exist..Just a way of putting a lock on the open door to freedom of information...Time members of parliment Find real issues to confront on behalf of the people
1 eye on the others watching American health care

With no public Health care option ..(Under this newBaucus "backus") bill .The weak and poor will be fined and forgotten ..It's sad political B.S....It sickens me to watch this issue unfold anymore .

The abuse tax paying slave drones have to go through in America, is unconscionable /unbearable /disheartning/disgusting .It's not only a sham but a shame .. Does America/your communitee /your neighbour care about you and yours in times of hardship ,when you need their assistance the most?..For better or worse ?

Does Uncle sam want you !? ...Apparently Only if your rich,healthy and have the $$$$ to pay for it...Otherwise you'll be fined and left to suffer out on the street ,ignored ,washed away into the gutter ,where others will eventually ,unknowingly,drink and share, in the illness of your accumulated misfortune..

How could one want to live in such a self absorbed culture ...It is unsustainable /unimaginable to me....All will suffer for their non-compassionate , self centeredness ... Should be ashamed U.S. politicians/ republican capitalists/ blind folded followers..Swallow your pride americans and give health care to all..It is the right thing to do..For the betterment of all/America as a whole.....
Drop the commi/socialism B.S..I thought all lived in a democracy in America ..I can see clearly now that this is not the case.

America is for the privileged/greedy/self serving few who will take, but will not give ..Proudly they hold themselves high ..Lifted and bolstered up by standing on the heads of the poor, lost and forgotten.. ...!...

I thought you were different Obama ..Get a back bone buddy and Lead.Stand for what you believe in.. Give a voice to those who can not be heard .That's what you were elected to do.!..

Many great empires have fallen due to disease/famine /poverty ..Let history be your conscience..So we all can have faith/prosper into the future...I am passionate about health care for all(as you can tell)...I will never change my stance on health care for all.!..A public heatlh care plan has been tried , tested and found to be the best system for all .. ..It is the only true solution .

There is no middle ground ,on health care, without a public plan ... Only high ground and rising flood waters ...Only with life boats, preservers and a plan can most/All be saved!.

Birth rate age of mothers on rise in : One News Page | Front Page (external - login to view)


While the results are interesting ...I don't believe they fit the global trend results/statistics or average family income realities of women born and raised in Canada /1st world countries, where both men and women are working ..

( 1 source - common wealth by jefferey sachs (U.N) based on 2007 stats, as well as many other cultural Canadian FACTS) ...

I would add that immigration was probably the largest factor in stat canada's results..It's 1 reason we have an open door for immigration..

We still need the people ... right?

Well we'll all just have to keep working on it..Sustainably
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Harrison-Ford.com - A Great Actor and Environmentalist (external - login to view) - Great actor - A great man with a great cause

The moment David Miller decided not to run - Posted Toronto - Right on Toronto's Mayor Miller!Your a good man/Mayor who knows where his priorities are.Best of luck to you and yours in the future.

Torontonians can only hope/pray that the next mayor is as passionate and dedicated to Toronto's issues and it's people, as Mayor Miller is.Cheers

From Larry King - Stephen Colbert , Michael Moores been everywhere lately..Another good man with a good cause..

Michael Moore-can't wait to watch "capitalism- a love story".This movie is a must for 1 and all..Time to put an end to the greedy constantly stealing from all the good people, leaving them needing...It's obviously unsustainable ---
Actually Harper Buying Tim Hortons for Canada was a good idea....

Coffee ..donuts and hamburgers are always a good thing to invest in ...Not a healthy buy but it tastes good..
Re - Universal health care for 1 and all - Re -Edited

With no public Health care option ..Under this Baucus bill .The weak and poor will be fined and forgotten ..It's sad political B.S....It sickens me to watch this issue unfold anymore .. The abuse tax paying slave drones have to go through in America, is unconscionable /unbearable /disheartning/disgusting .It's not only a sham but a shame ..
Does America/your communitee /your neighbour care about you and yours in times of hardship ,when you need their assistance the most?..For better or worse ?Does Uncle sam want you !?
Apparently Only if your rich,healthy and have the $$$$ to pay for it...Otherwise you'll be fined and left to suffer out on the street ,ignored ,washed away into the gutter ,where others will eventually ,unknowingly,drink and share, in the illness/disease of your accumulated misfortune.
How could one want to live in such a self absorbed culture? ...It is unsustainable /unimaginable to me....All will suffer for their non-compassionate , self centeredness ... Should be ashamed U.S. politicians/ republican capitalists/ blind folded followers/Spineless democrates..Find your voice Americans /shout it out.. and demand health care 4 all..It is the right thing to do.For the betterment of all/America as a whole.
Drop the commi/socialism B.S..I thought all lived in a democracy in America ..I can see clearly now that this is not the case..America is for the priveledged/greedy/self serving few who will take, but will not give ..Proudly they hold themselves high ..Lifted and bolstered up by standing on the heads of the poor ...!...I thought Obama was different ?I know he is..He's just too Nice(?)..Get a back bone man and Lead.. Give a voice to those who can not be heard .That's what you were elected to do.!
Many great empires have fallen due to disease/famine /poverty ..Let history be your conscience..So we all can have faith/prosper into the future...I am passionate about Universal health care for all...I will never change my stance on health care for all.!..A public heatlh care plan has been tried , tested and found to be the best system for all .. ..It is the only true solution .There is no middle ground ,on health care, without a public plan ... Only high ground and rising flood waters ...Only with life boats, preservers and a plan can most/All be saved!.
American (universal)public health care option, Dead ?.Never ..It has garuanteed health care coverage.

Without an American public health care option .There is no health Care. Only a mandatory insurance option for high risk people?

How many unworkable/ineffecient/superficial insurance options does one country need?It's all about self centered /ignorant greed.

A bill with no public health care option has no teeth ,but the public do and will ,eventually see through all this B.S...

Those who do not stand 4 the rights/health/freedom/necessities/promises they were elected 2 stand 4, by their trusting public/4 real change/ 4 what they truly believed in will get bit in the *end(****).

Say what you mean ..Mean what you say..Stand for what you truly believe in and it is possible..

Peace ..Yes we can.!
Where words and numbers lie..

Some professionals(?)like to use /misuse, words and numbers, polls and stats . To(o) often abuse and confuse true facts, through often meaningless, heated debate , rants and raves and other guided /misguided litterary attacks.Where words and numbers lie..
Why do they do it?.If it's not for good.Not for truth.Is it simply to win?..Simply for fun?..For the Team.Just for 1 ?.. It seems to me, that it would be for little, if nothing more, then for their own self absorbed self interests, an ego and surreality far past over blown .It's mostly little more then word smithing and number games ,based on little more than an over priveledged,undeserved education ,overkilled exageration, add in 1 vivid, eccentric imagination.And There you have it....?....Take it ,believe it , or Better left to leave it . Where words and numbers lie.
If not for good..If not for truth ,or a greater understanding .If it's not to find a better way,then for what(?), must be understood . It must be for few,for 1,for $$$.(?) Might as well be for none..No one..Cuz in the end it will be all for nothing......Where words and numbers lie..
Self absorbed self interest, over inflated, over blown ,ready to burst egos addicted to instant self gratification . An unsatisfied ,unsatisfiable, perverse,uncontrollable urge for the almighty $$$, force fed by pure greed, drives this sick and twisted agenda, this propaganda ,bogus hype.Where words and numbers lie..
The truth will call out first to those who abuse their good conscience and their falsely found , undeserving power.It will Try to turn wrongs right.Try to set them free. Where words and numbers lie..
Those who create fear and falsities for nothing more than money/greed .Ones who carelessly twist ,distort good words /numbers of fact into their own choosen deeply desired acts .Give false claims of understanding, well Knowing full well where the truth is still standing.They are not Ignorant .They are Arrogant , or maybe both!..For Apparently they are unaware ,lost,tied up in knots ,or just don't care .Blind to the fact that only the truth, truly succeeds, and will proceed forever forward , to become the future.Never will get caught up,cut up or lost, in the" everyone for themselves" chaos..!Where words and numbers lie..
For now, the self serving /self proclaming ,educated ignorant, will hold their degree's and deceipt up high in their hands, as if in victory over their wrongs.Lost and tied up in Falsities of which they defiantly /confidently created/manufactured and continue to Play out ,for no purpose but to promote and deviously advertise their own, and too often others, eventual /unsustainable demise. Yet through it all ,the think and thin, to the end and far beyond,the truth is still strong, and yes still there .Where words and numbers lie.
The ones who hold deceipt up high , do not care ,will always fall. They will be buried, with unbearable lies, unable to withstand the weight of it all .. Dishonest, Discredited, untrustworthy ,abandoned ,discarded, left alone,disregaurded,left be.For what only they would dare to call , honest progress.Was not ,is not ,will not or ever be..
The others ,the proven honest and true, will make right ,will uncover ,correct ,rediscover the truth..A truth that always calls to them , finds them ,sometimes burdens ,even pleads with them ,to make it be known.To make it be known it is still strong,never wrong,always there . It survives to shine an ever lasting light, through the never more then near perfect storms .Where words and numbers lie ..
The truth, was there,is there ,will always be there ,to guide us through the turbulent times.In the best or worst of times.It will help us get Over ,lend a hand out of, the mistakes we all make, sometimes.So none need be left behind .Where words and numbers lie!

Or what ever .!

Over and out there from here ..

Peace ..
Chalk river update

CTV News | Price tag to repair Chalk River $70M: AECL

Privatize old broke down nuclear reactors?

Sell them to the U.S. ?

..It's kinda Like sellin an ol car..or rentin an ol run down room to an aquintance or anyone, and tellin them to check and fill the fluids under the hood...Or make sure to clean their room ,wash the sheets when they get dirty, .Once it's sold /rented.Why should the new tentants/owners listen to the OL' owner.? Especially when the item(s) sold/rented was a "ol fixer upper" to begin with.
Why should they care at all ? .

Can private owners be trusted to take care of the "Canadian Reactors" as required by Canadian/international Law?.Is it worth the risk.?..

The reactors are in our country ..Shouldn't we Canadians be responsible for our Own Nuclear Reactors?It's just plain safer, more sensible to me..

Hey a even better idea ..Lets stop making isotopes all together,just for us, or perhaps invest in newer technologies ?

Whatever the choices/options are /Any Reactors kept running after their expirey dates , should remain Canadian owned, so we are to blame if anything were to happen..

We have to hold ourselves /our system accountable/responsible for the safety/well being/maintenance and future decisions of such a boomin market supply ....Or shut them all down and take a different direction all together..

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