1 eye on the others open

Doctors sell fertility drugs to better the womens chances of having children...

.When 6 of 8 pass from complications.Can those embryo's be claimed for research?..

.Do they go to research?..

Where do they go.?

.Does Anyone really want to know?.

.Does this bother anyone?...

What rules are in place to ensure proper discretion and care goes into the handling of those who don't make it....

Do the current rules keep up with new technology...?
Super bowl...Arizona Cardinals vs Pittsburg Steelers..Not a huge NFL fan..NHL...Was a Bengals fan awhile ago... I Still enjoy watching the game,from time to time...(with a passing interest)...However ..The Super Bowl is unquestionally ,one of those times everyone should watch and take part in the game.. It should be a celebrated as if it were a holiday....Cuz it's fun..Good reason for a party!..lol

.Although the Steelers seem to be favoured with the advantage..I am rootin' for the Under dogs..


Of course..!..

31- 24

\Vultures are hovering over the nest of the vulnerable .
Scavengers ,Waiting to swoop down and steal that deal....
Why just go after the nest egg, when you can take the entire nest...?

....Governments fly on the wings ...Proudly Looking over the Banks of green below, congratulating each other, on yet another, successfully Effecient, waste management project..

For banks /business' and politicians ,who circle themselves in economics ... It's all green...Green for as far as the eye can see!...A whole forest of Money trees and other Digitally enhanced growth...

Keep in mind, there are many different shades of green in

When talking about job losses, let's not forget to compare them to jobs gained/created.!...Net loss and gains are more useful than gross misrepresentation.....

Keep in mind .Under a huge economic stimulus "bail out".Healthy/profitable businesses don't get as much as failing businesses...It's would appear as though companies are getting rewarded for failure...Play hurt ..crash the economy..Take money from tax payers..lay off workers...You'll get money...But when the public asks for some..It's waste....A Ridiculous notion!
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A key Harper election advisor is leaving the conservative ranks to follow new opportunities in the U.S....All the best to you Patrick muttart..Good timing/planning ..like usual....

..I am sure we haven't heard the last from this Energizing, Canadian, strategizer .Someone to keep an eye on in the future.( in a professional way not personal of course..).
In the works of Burroughs, a predominant concept is the distinction between figure and ground. Porter[1] (external - login to view) implies that the works of Burroughs are postmodern.
The main theme of Buxton’s[2] (external - login to view) model of cultural pretextual theory is the difference between sexual identity and class. But Sartre uses the term ‘capitalist subdialectic theory’ to denote a mythopoetical reality. The collapse, and some would say the fatal flaw, of the deconstructive paradigm of narrative prevalent in Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49 emerges again in V, although in a more self-sufficient sense.
It could be said that postcapitalist Marxism holds that sexual identity, perhaps paradoxically, has significance, but only if art is distinct from truth; otherwise, Debord’s model of neocultural materialism is one of “capitalist rationalism”, and therefore responsible for hierarchy. If cultural pretextual theory holds, we have to choose between the deconstructive paradigm of narrative and Marxist capitalism.
Thus, Humphrey[3] (external - login to view) suggests that the works of Pynchon are an example of subcultural socialism. The subject is contextualised into a that includes art as a whole.
But Sartre’s critique of cultural pretextual theory implies that the significance of the reader is significant form. Derrida uses the term ‘postcapitalist Marxism’ to denote the role of the poet as writer.
You know what I say Ten penny?...It is what it is...Times change ..Each person has the right to their opinions, using whatever skills and abilities ,they need to convey their message ...Most have no willingness or time to contribute to the whole .The team ..only for themselves....Therefore..at the end of the day.. They have no say real lasting say... Those who positively voice their opinions ,.Reach for dreams as they make the most of their options .. Act on goals rather than react to problems ..Will be better off in the future..No matter what language is spoken / which label is given or what words one uses....

If you won't choose/use your voice...Al you'll hear is mine!

Won't get no better being bitter ..No matter who you are or what you do...lol

Having said that ..It will take a hell of a lot of time to check your links and desifer your message...But I will...And I thank you those words
That's certainly true, but on the other hand, an abundance of theories concerning nationalism may be found. But Debord promotes the use of postdeconstructive feminism to deconstruct hierarchy.
Sometimes it is easier to tell them what they want to hear , but eventually you will have to deal with the truth, of your action or inaction..lol

In one thoughtful , meaningful , message of expression. One will either be embraced by others who share in given words ,well recieved ..Or sent out to the dog house ..cut off and kicked outta the bed they helped make ..Until they appologize for something they don't even know they did?..

.What I have learned is for about 1 week out of the month ..There is sometimes nothing you can do, or say, but to stay the hell away..Tell them everything they want to hear and give them whatever they ask for..
What you can't give ..Promise...It will be far easier to reason with them later when their back to their normal selves...lol

My brain hurts..I give up .Lol...!.jk..
Government brings in $6 Billion a year in Lotteries!...WOW!

There's 1 way to stimulate the economy ..More and Bigger Jackpots/Money Prizes!

Where does all the money go?

Apparently The economy can't be in too bad of shape..It would seem as though people are still gambling in the lost/last hope, of trying to "WIN BIG" ,inorder to pay off that bursting debt.

I have always felt that Governments shouldn't be in the Casino/Entertainment business..Should be privately run under fair rules and regulations..

What are the chances of "Winning big" off a government run system addicted to profits?Well ..It is certain, the odds are not stacked in our favour...But For Government run lotteries ,gaming and entertainment industry..It is a constant Jackpot payout .Win/win

In ontario there are way more Casino's then are necessary...If I had my way, I would close down many smaller Casino's .For the most part, to me, they are not entertaining at all.. Crammed/cramped/ packed full of "Big Grumpy Loser's"..(lol.)....

Having said that..Niagra falls is a great entertainment hotspot.....Where else do you have the power ,the wonder, a great marvell of nature.. Mixed with the allure and excitement of good fun and "Big Money "?......AAAhhh ya ...You can smell it in the air..The smell of green is everywhere!...It is the place 2B...4 me..Cuz At least you can enjoy the true awesomeness of "The falls" for free ..after you loose all your money on gambling and entertainment..(lol)...You might as well get the biggest bang for your entertainment $$$ in this "Casino State"...

I've done my own " In field " research study on Government gaming ...The conclusion ,,The odds are stacked against you!...(Not to mention I think the government cheats...although it would be hard to prove it)...(lol)Most people say they don't trust the way government s spend their tax $$$$...Yet a large # of those same people , take the chance risking all their money , at the Government run industry!...Hmmmm ..go figure...
Lotteries and gaming facilities are a win/win for the government ..but ...unfortunatley , far more than not ,a loose/loose for gamers and local business's!(places like niagra/vegas are exceptions)..Be careful ,Drink and game responsibly because sure, the government has no problem helping spend your money on Gamblin and boozin..But will be hard pressed to help you, when your bust ,broke and hungover ..That's when it's no fun at all...and just doesn't seem fair..(boo hoo)

There should be an independent study done on Canada's lottery and gaming industry..People deserve fair play and transparent rules on returns and actual payouts for gamers...

What are your odds of winning?(slim)

Where does the money go?(who knows exactly)

"Play for fun,not for broke.".."know your limit , play within it ," "drink responsibly" ....and all those other slogans/signs Governments post on the walls, in the over abundant ammount of Gaming establishments and liquor stores throughout the country.(most in Ont)
There is way too much secrecy in the government gaming world ..It's time for the lottery and gaming corp, to open the door and allow more independent studies/research ,on regulations, fair pay/play and affect of gambling in this country. . People should have the right to know how the Gaming industry works and where all that money goes?

I wonder how much of Ontario's "have not" status can be pinned on the numerous gaming facilities?( is this a real factor?))

What are the odds of the government opening the doors to investigate issues with lottery/gaming corp?.....

Slim to none ..I would bet!


Transparentcy and accountablity, as well as, More and Bigger Jackpot prizes for all!!.Now That , would be stimulating !....

No offence ten penny .just had to get this post on before my computer Drains..


Until this" stimulus" "Bailout" what ever you wanna call it ..Is stamped out and finished with...You will have failing businesses begging for $$$$,others playing hurt for more $$$$ ..afraid the others who caused the problems will get more $$$$$$...to cause more problems....

New up and coming,growing, profitable businesses/better ways, seem to get trompled and smothered by a stampede of the same ol' greed and unfair regulations/ practises made common, thru 8 years of abuse..Hard working People/public stripped of all their are worth, to benefit "Bailout" those, who see not real living souls in play . lives seemingly Nothing more than plastic models/simulated programs, and those money making machines protected by little green army figurines! ...

..We have invested too much into war , elections and failing businesses...It is time to stop this abuse and misuse,,,,time for a new way....A better way.... One made in peace for all ..not torn to pieces by few, at the expense of all !......Save your money ...Find better ,simpler ways to do things. Pay down debt for greater control over your future decisions...Enjoy life!..The life you make with friends/family ..mentors and peers,,..,...Make your own way, with others who share in a vision for , a better way.Find Options for other ways......It's never too late for positive change...

Balance ,effecientcy and sustainability in a new Green/clean/tech Global/local world, will help move us all positively forward, into a more prosperous/happy/healthy/safe way of life.. No matter where you live, what you believe in ,, whatever color, or shade of green ,you prefer..

.The future can be brillantlly bright ,,full of a whole Colourfull collage of possiblities !..If you choose lol...


Although I prefer to wear black(in many different designs,patterns,shapes and shades lol)..a little Colour is a good thing ..Too much light ,too soon,can be blinding ,burn your wings ...However..All is cool ..I'll wear these "googly eyed" goofy looking shades, if it makes you smile...Whatever makes you happy...., I can turn down/out the lights if you'd rather.. ...))

There are many ways to make peace .Many ways far more productive and benefitcial then fear of the dark..

... I am not afraid of the dark..or what's in it!...R .U..?...lol..
There's No fun in fear...Don't be afraid of the future .Embrace it. .Even if you can't see thru the darkness .Your eye's will adjust in time ..You know where you are,where you should be going....You know where the light switch is if you need it.... ..After all...No worry , You are safe in your own room,your own space , at home..In time , tommorow, there is a Good chance , the sun will rise again ....

Or Whatever(?)

Over and outthere from here...In the dark,but it's Ok..I have seen the light!!...

Ok Ok ..Enough for now!...

Peace ..
“Class is part of the collapse of truth,” says Lacan. Therefore, Bataille uses the term ’structuralist socialism’ to denote not materialism as such, but submaterialism. In The Ticket that Exploded, Burroughs affirms posttextual narrative; in Queer, however, he analyses Debordist situation.
It could be said that structuralist socialism implies that art is used to exploit the underprivileged. Marx suggests the use of Debordist situation to deconstruct hierarchy.
In a sense, if subcapitalist nihilism holds, we have to choose between cultural neotextual theory and cultural objectivism. Hubbard[2] (external - login to view) holds that the works of Burroughs are postmodern.
However, Marx’s essay on Debordist situation suggests that the media is capable of significance. Sontag promotes the use of structuralist socialism to modify sexual identity.
Therefore, several desituationisms concerning the role of the reader as artist may be discovered. If Marxist socialism holds, we have to choose between structuralist socialism and neocapitalist nationalism.

Re .Craig Oliver...ctv..G.G.. should go on tour..

GG should go on Canadian public relation tour..She was a good host on the passionate eye..She is an insightful intelligent.graceful lady..I have much respect for her and her work..It's time she puts those talents to work for Canada....lol...Get out there and promote our country ..We'll all back you....GG could be a great Canadian ambasidor ...A role model..a Canadian Icon..If she wanted to.With some extra government support and the people behind her .She could help give Canada a face,,An identity,,.We should have as many people out there as possible representing Can adian values and ideas.That seems to be the thing with a lot of Canadian poiitcians ..,Don't want to go anywhere,,do anything..too cold out...gotta win the next election.to comfortable in commitee's...too busy tryin to sell Canada's resources to the world .Take all the poors tax $$ (tax time lol) give nothin back....Instead we should be building Canada's image .culture..status in the world..We all should be proud to be Canadian..and when there's only 33 million of us,,We gotta be loud Proud Canadians.(without being over bearing of course...Polite about it..you know eh)..
When your out there somewhere...Gotta always remember where your home is...
or you'll get lost and The U.S. will claim squatters rights..(HHMMMM?)lol



Good comment Craig...I second craigs motion
Watched "Journey to the edge of the universe" the other day on discovery..Man what an amazing journey it was...

Is the greatest dream..to be able to travel the universe ..Visit new planets..other worlds ..and still be able to come home for supper..

Balance and sustainability is the key

Sweet dreams

To whom it may concern

Hi this ____________ calling..I was refered here( ontario works) by E.I. and social services..I am calling to find out about the Ontario Works program..I can be reached anytime at 1- 800- 123-4567

My E.I. Benefits have ended..There is still about 1 to 2 months left before landscaping season starts again...
I've been applying for jobs everywhere..Can't even get hired in a factory..As much as I hate factory life..I have tryed everything and so far nothing ...

I am a single father trying my best to raise my kid on next to nothing ..If I end up on the street , loose my son..Well I'll have nothing left to loose..

Not only does E.I. not allow enough to live on..At About $1000 a month ..The government never seems to take enough taxes off..If anyone should Know about taxes.You would think it would be the government..
Last year I got $1000 back from income tax..This year I made even less than last, but 4 some reason owe $100 .I usually use that extra tax money to help float me until work starts again.This year I was shocked to find out I owed money ..Like somethings not quite right here..

It's obvious to me the government is aware of this E.I. problem.. Given the fact they are playing games with a bill that would see E.I benefits extended by 5 weeks..About what I would need inorder to make in till spring season starts...I guess we'll Have to wait to see what happens on that one eh..Probably preparing for another election in the spring...
As far as I'm concerned E.I. has become a criminal program . Right up there with tax revenue agency,social services,. Casino's and liquor stores..

E.I. funds are not being used for what they were intented for ..For out of work ..Hard workers...We all know about the huge E.I. surplus ..It is just sad to see how the government misuses these programs and treats hard workers..
It is pretty sad when you gotta call social services inorder to make it till april/may(they refer you to the works program)....Not to mention the fact , I am sure welfare pays more than E.I...probably more than I make working ..(Governments solution to that would probably be to cut welfare.)..

If I only had problems with the government once in a while ..It would be alright ,but every year around this time ..Somethin always happens to cause more grief and headaches ,,. I 'm a green guy trying to live simple..Or to put it better..I Became A green guy to simply try and live .I'm starting to think the government has it in for me because I am green..lol..
Like I've been reasessed by tax revenue 3 times in 5 years.Maybe It's because they're surprised how little I live off .And after 3 reassessments ,Never once was I at fault .Actually one year they had to give me money..Never once an appology..Only more problems...It's Just plain criminal..

Anyway sorry for venting this on you .You know ,Same sob story as others I'm sure.I'm running out of options and sinking fast .I wrote my car off in an accident at the end of last season .. Lost my apartment last year around this time, and have over stayed my welcome at families and friends places.. ..Like I said ..If I end up on the street and loose my kid ..Which is always a very real possibility nowadays ..I will have nothing left to loose..So I am wondering , if there anything I can do, to get assistance till I can get back on my feet?..(if it's still possible).

E.I reffered me to Social Services, Social services Reffered me to a government works program..I left a message ..Been 3 days now noone has returned my call....

There's gotta be a better way ...

Yours truly


P.S....Ahhhh yeh,,.That feels a little better.Thanks for reading.Sorry if I offended everyone..

Unfortunatley ...Ineffective and inefficient seems to be the best way to describe all these programs run by the Criminal organization Calling itself the Government nowadys ...It is ridiculous, annoying and painful to watch as our politicians struggle to do ...well....Anything productive or meaningful for anybody besides themselves..Any politicains who try to do something are swamped in paper work and stamped out by self interested politicians...What ever happened to good, strong, caring leadership?...Seems to be in the past along with a very out of touch government....I am including all governments of Canada.....If it wasn't for the big guns they hold ..I am afraid to ask..Why do we need them at all.?..Oh yeah to keep business in check...Or is that ...To keep giving businesses checks so they'll stay here...And to keep people from rioting... well... the goverment, I'm guessin'...oh, Isn't it almost time for yet another election?...For whatever purpose that would serve...Government is out of touch with the realities of todays world.. God help us all, cuz noone else will ..Unless you help yourself.To find out how .Just follow the banks, insurance and car companies..They're getting pretty good at abusing and misusing tax payer money then going back to ask for more...And getting It...But I wonder if any of them including government really get it at all..!..Workers are the back bone of everything..

Stop the abuse !


Ontario Works 1-519-837-2670 ext 3390
E.I. 1- 800 - 531- 7555
Information services 1-800-206-7218
Is Mcquinty joining the taxes so ontario/canada can sell casino's (internal problems?),tax winners at 15 %, like the buffalo casino??...great tourist site!...Amercia..oh .America...!.Could this be true?...Is this a question?...Have to wait and see how things will unfold in the near future..lol...Wanna bet?...what are the odds?..take a chance...spin the wheel..and all those odds and probability terms?..and Loose your money(unless you got nothin to loose. nothin to worry about..)!..lol..

Computer virus//?..Most virus's are created not by hackin abusers but by longtime users and security guru's!..??...Byron Holland .CEO.Canadian internet registration authority?..,,sounds like a new internet security group creatin their own work.!,B.S...April 1st.?.sounds like new internet security features are comin to me...Canada tryin to regulate the internet again?... a little odd ..
Question --Does it really help to break up ice before a flood?...Doesn't it just give someplace for the water to go..Faster?...

Ontario judge says perhaps anonymous users should have to reveal their real name before posting...So much for security..He obviously knows nothing about the internet...Why would it matter who you are online?...It isn't a real physical place is it...Isn't the internet just an extention of mind?..Be whatever you want online(in your dreams)..Just remember it isn't really real...and that thought police are watching ..lol...ridiculous !!!...
Problem Gambling Focus of New Research Lab | University of Guelph (external - login to view)
.................................................. ...............................
I watched the W-5 show on ctv (link above)..Although it was good to see a show that addressed the growing problems with gambling ..It bothered me to see how little of the problems were exposed and even more so, how bias the news show seemed to be on giving proper solutions to this growing problem..Added security always seems to be the solution..This doesn't work...The best way to stop problem, gambling.I am sure most would agree.Is to Take the damn atm machines out!..Period...You take what you are willing to spend..

.1 time to the machine you are already taking out more than you went to spend...

twice to the machine ..next weeks savings..

After that you get into money you don't have

.......Another similar solution is to have a security person , through one of the hundreds of cameras, watching for people who have been to the atm machine more than twice..At which point security could address the problem......That simple!

I am certain over the next year or so ...Niagra and other casio's will be sold to private firms..The government is beginning to acknowledge that there is a growing problem and so,of course, will wash their hands of the problem soon....
The ontario merger of taxes will allow the federal and provincial governments to sell casion' and charge 13% on the winnings(like buffalo)...After the casino's are sold to amercian investors (more than likely),I believe you will see government groups beginning to get into the gambling problem business..Just a well educated guess....We all like to win but the problem comes when we always loose..

Thanks to Sites like this..People can help get the word out there..Cuz we all know the government has it's own gambling addiction to deal with And the money goes they get goes to advertising their own interests.....Governments should not be in the gaming business...This blatant money grab, shows a lack of respect and caring for the people, by both the provincial and federal government and Should be better addressed than it has been..

Thank-you for your time...

Sounds to me ,from what I hear, like the car companies are gonna sell insurance to risky buyers...

Will this insurance be mandatory?..

How much is the government gonna put into this new auto insurance bank?..

Here's an out there idea(whatdu expect lol)..Perhaps the car companies could give all it's valued employee's cars and trucks for a job well done .(Sell them insurance at the same time) ...Their names could be on their new car our truck as it travelled down the line...Also gives the employee a sense of job security!....

Why not take it a step further?

Give people in general the choice of the car they want to buy..(with options, (hopefully THEY will choose "green " cars) ..then build it!

Same ol games ..different faces ...a true public consensus can be found if big leaders are willing to open their eye's and listen...
From local to global it's all about big bank insurance...control the little people and little countries ..Sounds like it would be benefitial to have a green carbon trading tax after all...Taxes are being raised on everything and going to fund self interested politicians and big business projects ..Green Carbon tax is the only way to INSURE we "THE PEOPLE" get anything back!..
C.A.W ..now your talking through the right hole.. Helping protect the human family ..You got it !. ..Great message...! Thank-you 4 representing seniors and hard working people.. Helping them secure their future!. Helping long time gm workers ensure their pensions .....There may be hope for unions yet..
Enjoy a fun holiday easter..Peace..

Over and out there from here
Somalia pirates Story....We know where the international World news stands on Somalian pirates..Let's here from some Pirates...Preferably one with a patch ..hook hand ..and peg leg..Now That would make a great pirate tale...

Canjet hyjacking in Jamaica?...This story stinks....Let's Hear from hostages..Threat must have been low ..If Pm Harper and Pm Bruce Golding felt secure enough to visit..So don't worry Everythings under control .
Swine flu..It's would seem it is almost easier to manufacture this flu in a lab than for nature to naturalyl evolve such a virus..WHO names these things..How about The "rosetta'Flu or somethin'..All sounds odd to me..

WHO's Involved?..

Is there a Vaccine that works to fix this problem..?

..Who has the cure?

...What will it cost?

Mad cows...bird .Pig .Monkey flu's...Malaria threats..Alergies..Pesticides..Smog and polution .. Rough spring for some..more so for Grey Con$ervative$....

I for 1 am glad spring is back..Good to hear the birds singing..the wildlife comin back to life, after a long winter...The vibrance from all the colors and fresh(farm) smells ....Ah yes spring is in the air...Don't let the grey bring you down...Go with the green... keep your head clean ,clear ,your body strong.. ....keep the paper green in your pocket(cash is still Chearper than cards.)....Save it for a rainy day......,.Enjoy the day....Don't just give it away

free trade -means no one needs to listen to Canadian regulations..Canada included..
Who are the swines?..Let' kill all the pigs/birds/ and all other sick/infected wildlife

WHO stands to gain from this Hype?....

Who has the answers? ...

Where are the facts!!.?.!!!.

Wasn't there an over production of flu vaccine last year?...Is it the cure?

Who named it the swine flu?

Who's keepn' these flu's alive through out the summer?.(watch it..Trick question)

...No one got the flu officials expected..Never seem to ..How can we be certain, they are sure, this is an imminent pandemic this time?
Time for transparentcy ,accountability ,and some sensebility in this issue....Let's kill all the pigs infected by this disease first..Like some....Facts are there are flu's,bugs and virus's everywhere,All the time.AND WORSE!..There are many health issues around the world at any given time to focus on..The flu is a common illness...

If there anymore or less flu's going around the world than usual?.

.Seems every year .Some new animal virus becomes international news longer than necessary ..

Sounds like spring cleanout!!...Stop over producing unneeded fears!....It is sad people die from illnesses , but OVER propogating and exploiting death, for money , would be even sadder!.You know who are sick.Quaratine them..There are many step that can be taken..Before a shot is needed..

Do we need 2 weeks of news about a flu?

....This issue is as manufactured as this swine flu is!.....

.Where are the doctors who have found this flu.?

.Let's see the results from all deaths to make sure they were indeed all the SAME strain of flu virus..

Let's see a commitee of doctors answer questions.Preferably the doctors that have made the swine flu discovery .Give their facts..Show their proof...Let's see the virus!!..Shows us on slides..Doctors and other interested groups should be held accountable for their decisions ...There FACTs should be transparent..A neutral commitee should review results..It's the same stink every year...

Better safe than sorry ,sure..But everyone should be free from internal /international B.S..and over exploitation of fear ...This issue reaks of pig do do !..

Where is the good information?

.At first it was a bird/pig/human flu..Now noone knows for sure what exactly the virus looks like..They are all similar...It mostly hype...Let's hear from the experts
Who is too blame, if this is a farce.?..

Who will follow up on this swine flu issue,to verify what was the truth and what was B.S...There should be reviews on all these contraversial issues after a grace period of a couple months on these big issues..I think we could catch alot of B.S...

But who's interest would that serve?

.When doctors and other interested sources do not need to disclose all information before given money.. Does that not leave people (already victums)susceptable to bias opinions,..unneces
scary fears, and The dreaded "B.S." virus?..

This story seems to be as
manufactured, as the possibility of a "swine/bird/human" flu..

Someones gotta be sceptical of the big guys ...Apparently ..The media doesn't get payed enough to be...


Get out ..Enjoy the day!..Let all you problems drift away ..For a while anyway...Until the next news flash!...
Mexican worker n Canada gives pig "swine flu"?B.S>B.S.>B.S> .Unless this is where the flu was manufactured by evil science/doctors,planning to take over the world.......Where's this farm..?Lets' talk to the owner..Let's hear from the mexican who spread this "swine flu to the pig"...Hell..Let's talk to the pigs!!..Anything

I am ashamed at how the media overhypes/(lies) on issues like "SWINE" /"h1n1" ,or whatever they're callin it 4 $$$$ not facts..Pittyful fieldwork...Bad politics...Shaby medical information..B.S....

What happened to the facts..That's what makes credible news everyone will trust ..Good ratings come from good news.Not B.S..

anyone that made money off expoiting or manipulating this "swine flu" outbreak ..Deserves to Get's a dose themselves..I would almost dare to call this a manufatured scare ..Let's hope"swine Flu" it's not a manufactured illness..Made in a lab somewhere around here....

Anyone responsible for this B.S. should be charged for fearism(close to terrorism)...Sad to make money of fear of death..

Don't seal yourself inside..Enjoy the spring weather outdoors...

(I made no money off spreading of this Information)
twitter good for news and small chats ..Check it out ..Kinda neat..Twitter (external - login to view) follow..you lead..Lol..Unless you dont want to ..Then I'll lead..lol

War's on Drugs?....Easy to throw kids /people hooked on / sellin drugs, in jail..But what happens to these Convicted kids/people when they get out?..If they thought it was hard before finding a good payin' job before..gettin a good education before. Wait till they have a criminal record...Will Drive them to drinkin' or sellin' drugs!.

.All minor Drug convictions are counter productive and useless when you got nowhere to go..Prevention/education /hope of a successful , meaninful future, is what drives the Dream/in pursuit of happiness...Some find this simulated happiness, in the instant gratification of harmful substances..Get lost in addiction..Jail for some,makes a good home ?..

.Prevention/direction is the key..not manditory sentences for minor offences ..

Get those who need it help...Threaten jail if they don't take programs..Clean the gangs/street dwellers off the street.If your out on the street after 2am.B prepared to get questioned..Cops know who the gang bangers are(sometimes they even wear colours)..Have their parents pick them up at a help center..where programs are available....Cops know where the troubles are..Call in the troops if you have to..IF Someone/People are causing a disturbance..Real solutions are there...AS LONG AS the proper authorities don't abuse their powers...
Hey..If anyones bored ..Take a listen to some new tunes I just made.......Some thankless self promotion ...Hey ..It's free..What doya want?....I'm a hobby musician(nowadays) ..It is what it is...Enjoy!...........Odds R Evolution on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Thanks for this space and your time..

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