Prince Charles has become the hardest working member of the Royal Family - notching up 560 engagements in 2008.

That means he has overtaken his little sister, the Princess Royal, who racked up 534.

That's not bad for a 60-year-old.

The number of engagements carried out by the Queen this year is 417 - down slightly from last year's 440. But this is understandable - the Queen is 82, and most women her age in Britain have been retired for over 20 years.

Again, she needs credit for her still considerable duty for her country.

Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, carried out the most overseas engagements as part of his job as Britain's Special Representative for International Trade and Investment. His role involves representing the United Kingdom at numerous trade fairs and conferences the world over.

Prince Charles finally works harder than his little sister, Princess Anne

Valentine Low
The Times
31st December 2008

Workaholic: Prince Charles

The Princess Royal has long enjoyed the reputation of being the hardest-working member of the Royal Family. But now she has conceded her crown to the Prince of Wales, who for the first time in years has carried out more engagements in the past 12 months than his younger sister.

According to figures compiled by Times reader Tim O’Donovan, the Princess carried out 534 official engagements during the year, while Prince Charles racked up a total of 560. “He has just pipped his sister,” said Mr O’Donovan, who has been compiling his annual survey of royal engagements as listed in the Court Circular for the past 30 years. “He has gone into the lead.”

However, a close examination of the figures shows that the Princess is still unbeaten when it comes down to hard work on the ground. “The Prince of Wales does a huge amount of meetings and audiences,” Mr O’Donovan said, “while the Princess Royal spends a lot of time out and about. She is incredible – she really gets down to it. And she is obviously very good at it.”

The Princess carried out nearly twice as many official visits, opening ceremonies and other engagements as the Prince – 299 against 166 – while the Prince carried out more investitures, meetings and audiences - 193 against 74. He also carried out more overseas engagements, 106 compared with 52.

There was only a slight drop in the number of engagements – from 440 last to year to 417 – carried out by the Queen, although at 82, she is at an age when most women would have been retired for 20 years. The Duke of Edinburgh, 87, carried out 354. “They are amazing,” Mr O’Donovan said. “But they pace themselves, and it is something that they have been doing for umpteen years. And they don’t have to worry about getting home and cooking the dinner, like you or I.”

Putting her country first: Queen Elizabeth II carried out 417 engagements this year, not bad for a woman of 82 years

Prince William carried out 24 engagements and Prince Harry 17, which included two overseas. Both princes start their training as helicopter pilots next year. The Duke of York carried out the largest number of overseas engagements, with 293. “All but ten of his official overseas engagements were as Special Representative for International Trade and Investment,” Mr O’Donovan said.


Isn´t engaging in meetings, audiences, and
investitutes also working? Of course, unfortunately many still think the royal family members are parasites living off the taxpayers, as opposed to politicians and other civil servants! I think the UK is fortunate in its constitutional monarchy.

Barbara Baker, Miami, USA

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