The reawakening of Capt. Greene


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Canadian army Capt. Trevor Greene is talking. Really, it’s hard to overstate how amazing that is. He’s sitting in the big easy chair in the den off the kitchen of the Nanaimo home he shares with his fiancée, Debbie Lepore, and their 3½-year-old daughter, Grace. The voice is quiet, for a big man of six foot four. The thoughts are clear and unflinching. Words are rationed; the sentences short, stripped of extraneous weight for their march across the wounded terrain of his brain. Like when he describes first meeting Debbie in 2001, at what he calls a Vancouver bar and she prefers to think of as a restaurant. They were with separate groups at separate tables. “I looked across the room,” the infantryman says, “and she captured me.” That says it all. - The reawakening of Capt. Greene (external - login to view)
At least four or five times over the last six years or so I've wondered about this young man and how he was getting along. Captain Greene had an ax driven into his head while negotiating with village alders. I knew he had survived his devastating injury but I didn't know what was happening to him or how he was doing. This is one of the special stories coming out of that stupid war.
There have been many badly injured Canadian soldiers who've returned to Canada that we hear nothing about. That first "friendly fire" incident left a half dozen guys with serious injuries but we only get a few details about the deaths.
Actually, he was only injured 2.5 years ago... not six years ago.
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Actually, he was only injured 2.5 years ago... not six years ago.

Thanks for pointing that out.. Changes the whole story.......Nitwit!

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