WestJet eliminates fuel surcharge

WestJet eliminates fuel surcharge, Air Canada eliminates baggage feeBy THE CANADIAN PRESS

CALGARY - Canada's major airlines say they're adjusting their fees and surcharges to reflect the recent drop in fuel prices.
WestJet Airlines Ltd. (TSX:WJA) says it dropped fuel surcharges Thursday afternoon.
It's biggest competitor, Air Canada (TSX:AC.B), started the day by announcing it was eliminating a fee it imposed on second checked bags, due to high fuel costs.

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Nice to see the airlines give back when costs go down.
old news...


This story was posted on Thu, September 18, 2008

L Gilbert
Link doesn't work either.
Ok, strike two. It seems the only good news out there is old news. Guess I'll have to go back to posting the usual murder, rape, and mayhem threads. It's official...there's no good news left in the world. Phuk it. I wonder if Oprah is on...

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