Let's have an election .

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While it might take a while to create a whole budget from scratch, surely the Liberals had enough archival info on hand from their time in office to put together a pretty accurate budget in a few hours.

It's entirely within the realm of possibility I suppose, like you and Vanni, I too, would like to see it. But that's highly unlikely considering the nature of politics- All politicians like to keep bad news to themselves like it's a state secret or something.
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Word is the coalition had a plan drawn up for a stimulus package, and were going to present it to the Governor General when she met with the leaders...

Guess we'll never know now...

Who were they going to stimulate? Quebec?
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I see no purpose to having yet another election that will decide nothing.

The conservatives, although have made gains largely due to the fear factor, will not get the majority they seek...

The public will come to realize that this whole mess was brought on by the conservatives, and that undermining our democratic process by proroging Parliament to save Harper's job, and stirring up yet another unity crisis were extemely irresponsible things to do...even with a rabid coalition ready to kick him in the can...

What I would have liked to have seen instead of the all the bull**** and drama was a concerted effort by the conservatives to work with the opposition parties to arrive at a proper stimulus package...retracting their partisan bull**** from the FU was only part of what they needed to do to mollify the opposition...and if they had sincerely offered to work with the opposition on Dec 1, 2 or 3, this could have been avoided...unfortunately sincerity is not a trait of our sitting Prime Minister...

So then what we're left with is that they all acted like children and created a **** storm that has no prospect of a favourable outcome...

An election is going to do nothing to fix this now...

*sniff sniff* is that fear I smell?
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Yeah...once we vote the cons out and get a proper government things will get better...

You just can't make up your mind.... let's have an election then! We'll see where you and your fantastical ideas about Canada end up

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