Liberal candidate house ransacked in broad daylight

I actually saw the cops at her place last night taking photographs. She lives across the road, and I dated her daughter a few years ago.


BIBLE HILL — Local federal Liberal candidate Tracy Parsons returned from a conference in Halifax yesterday afternoon to find her house robbed and ransacked. “I came home, went in the back door and saw the kitchen door was open and it’s always closed.
“I peeked around the corner and saw the chaos,” said Parsons, the Liberal candidate for Cumberland Colchester Musquodoboit Valley.
She did not go any further into the house, but called in the crime to the Bible Hill RCMP.
“I’m shocked and horrified. I feel violated ... we are not rich people, what would we have they’d want?” Parsons was still waiting last night to see the full damage. RCMP did not let anyone inside the house while an investigation was underway.
But from what Parsons was able to see from her initial peek around the corner, DVDs were scattered on the kitchen floor, as was a coat and papers from her bedroom. Looking through her window, she believed at least three laptops could have been stolen as well. “It’s bizarre ... it was in broad daylight,” said the Riverside Avenue, Bible Hill resident. “I can’t imagine it being politically motivated. I think it’s a coincidence.”
Parsons and her family have lived in the neighbourhood for three years and said her family has never experienced any problems. “It’s a good community,” she said of the area which is near a Tim Hortons and the King Lam Restaurant. Parsons added she doesn’t feel fearful, but will take...

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Thieves will often capitalize on any information they have - and obviously, it's easy to find out when a politician will be away from home.
Somebody at that Tim Hortons must have seen something...
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