Former Tory MP, Lord Tebbit, attacks American actress after she declared love for IRA

Former Tory politician Norman Tebbit has attacked an American actress after she declared her love for terrorist group the IRA.

Lord Tebbit and many other Tory MPs, including then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, were staying at a Brighton hotel during the Conservative Party Conference when it was attacked by the IRA in 1984. The IRA were deliberately targeting the Prime Minister and the politians. Five were killed in the attack, including two politicians, and Tebbit's wife was left permanentely paralysed.

Terrorism sympathiser ... American actress Rose McGowan

Tebbit's IRA fury at star Rose

Deputy Political Editor
Published: 13 Sep 2008
The Sun

Former Conservative MP Norman Tebbit and his wife were at the Brighton hotel that was attacked by the IRA in 1984. His wife Margaret was permanently paralysed by the bomb

NORMAN Tebbit said last night he would have liked to see actress Rose McGowan SHOT after she declared she would have joined the IRA.

US star McGowan, 35, plays a Provo terrorist in new film Fifty Dead Men Walking — and sparked fury by praising their terror campaign.

She said: “Had I grown up in Belfast, I would 100 per cent have been in the IRA. My heart just broke for the cause.”

The damage done to the Grand Hotel in Brighton following the IRA bomb blast of 1984

She added she could “understand” why the terror group used violence.

Ex-Tory minister Lord Tebbit, 77, whose wife Margaret was paralysed by an IRA bomb, hit out at the actress last night.

He said: “If she would have been happy to have been a terrorist, then I would have been happy to have seen her shot as she carried out her acts.”

He added: “Perhaps she would like to come and tell my wife why she supports the IRA.”
What a shame....her heart broken and her brain dead......the poor girl...
The privilaged puffy aristocrats are like that, unreasonably violent and women beaters.

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