Convicted Terrorist and Killer to Make Home in Ontario


We should get very drunk and pretend to work out the details.

You're gonna owe me a new keyboard soon man, careful with that stuff

As for the "little guy that cares"- I believe you mean "people who have swallowed up the propaganda without even chewing it" .... OR reading the ingredients- mostly baseless appeals to emotion, fearmongering, wild accusations and more "isms" than I care to even think about
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You really hit the nail on the head with this statement BOOMer! The big question: Can anything be done on our part? The little guy that cares?

Not to sound racist.. because it's not.

However, limit Muslim migration when the Muslim population of a non-Muslim country reaches about 10 per cent.

This is a policy that has been adopted by other nations governments. (external - login to view)

Raise our security background checks and also, if you come here from Greece as a refugee then we find out that you have a criminal history, and if sent back to your "homeland" you will be tortured... not a problem. Send them back to the country which they first arrived, Greece. (same policy the U.S. has)

Canada should not be rewarding these terrorists or criminals.

If we don't put a cap of this, we are going to end up with sharia law in Canada, just as passed recently in Britian. (external - login to view)

We need a clear separation of Church and state.
What rot. Your article didn't mention a single country that limits Muslim immigration. I can think of one that probably does. Look at what happened after Professor Israeli opened his big bigoted mouth. (external - login to view)

And you really should read our Charter before you go off foaming at the mouth about Sharia Law in Canada. I'll give you a hint, some freedoms are guaranteed, and not even the notwithstanding clause can do anything about that. Xenophobes like yourself have tried that nonsense on this website. I'm not gonna blame you, you're probably just parroting the same crap that they heard.

What rot...

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