Teens get community service for microwaving cat

i have found that that is becoming more common these days....are our jails getting too full?
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I'm thinking a "pants down" job as a cat toy....

I like this idea...
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At least the Judge didn't let them all go 'cuz he couldn't figure out who put the Loonie
in the table. They all beat on the guy...then they're all responsible for the death in my
eyes. Three on one? They're all guilty of the same crime then and deserve the same
punishment. Whatever the harshest sentence one of the three could get...they all get.

Exactly.... same thing occured to me when I got jumped by 5 guys.... they caught and arrested one of the guys as he was running away, he gave all their names who were involved.... yet of course all charges were dropped due to a technicallity that I couldn't identify them in a photo line up that the police gave to me..... 6 months after the incident.... like I'm going to actually remember them all six months after the fact, whom I never met before, and was around 2 in the morning when it all happened.

The whole system is a crock of sh*t no matter what the case is..... there is way too much protection of the accused then there is for the victims in any case these days..... and even when the accused is found guilty.... they get a slap on the wrist.

It's all a joke.

And the fact that people are allowed to "Cut Deals" for lesser charges and lesser jail times, makes a complete joke out of the justice system if you ask me.

I haven't had any faith in the justice system in a few years now, and it's not getting any better.

Oh well, the consequence for this failed justice system is that I now have no choice but to take the law into my own hands next time this sort of thing ever occurs to me, as the police and the legal system did nothing for me..... if they're not going to do anything for me or any other victims, then I'll do it my damn self.

Then of course, I get sent to jail for the rest of my life I bet...... typical.
Ron in Regina
Prax....I hate to bring politics into this at this point but I'm going to anyway....If the
Conservatives had gotten a majority in this last election, then what we're all complaining
about here might have been on the way to being fixed. The majority didn't happen, and in
order to have the concession to focus on the economy, the Conservatives had to walk away
from fixing the Justice System in an intelligent manner to help cure a broken mess...Thank
You Liberals and Bloc and NDP for making that the line in the sand not to cross so that the
current government could focus on the economy in a Global Economic Toilet. Oh well...
6 of 1, a half dozen of the other....

Ron in Regina
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6 of 1, a half dozen of the other....


Yep...I guess...spilled milk for that average law abiding guy. Would'a could'a should'a...didn't happen.
Now for sure it won't happen either. Oh well...
There should be a law or something in place for children that commit such horrible acts of animal cruelty. They should be monitored for the rest of their lives. There is something very broken in a child that can watch an animal suffer like that and feel no remorse. Something very very broken.

I've heard a cat scream in a house fire. It sounded like a human being burned alive. Being cooked from the inside WOULD be horribly painful. The fact that these kids taunted AFTER the cruelty says alot about their empathy levels (or lack of). What horrible kids.
As a judge they would have received two years of `juvi` and then two years in the military and the parents should have been fined for
being unfit.


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