Old met the new yesterday as an RAF Eurofighter flew alongside a 1940s classic - a Spitfire, which helped defeat the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain.

The two aircraft were watched by crowds at RAF Coningsby.

The RAF operates 232 Eurofighters, more than any other airforce.

The RAF is the world's oldest airforce. It recently celebrated its 90th birthday.

Old meets new high in the sky

Sky high ... RAF aircraft - Spitfire and Typhoon
RAF Association Wings Appeal

Published: Today
3rd September 2008

OLD met new high in the skies as a WWII Spitfire performed a synchronised display with the RAF’s latest aircraft, the Eurofighter Typhoon.

The awesome air display showcased the immense force of the new aircraft as well as providing a welcome reminder of the war veteran’s favourite.

Although the powerful twin-engine Typhoon is capable of supersonic speeds, it did not look out of place as it shadowed the Spitfire during the historic performance.

The show was eagerly watched by crowds at RAF Coningsby, yesterday.

The event, which coincided with the RAF’s 90th birthday, was held to launch the RAF Association’s 2008 Annual Wings Appeal.

The Wings Appeal provides advice and support for serving and former RAF members and their dependants.

The number of Eurofighters each airforce has

RAF - 232
Luftwaffe - 180
Italian - 121
Spanish - 87
Saudi Arabian - 72
Austrian - 15