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VANCOUVER (CP) A new report says Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan have the best labour markets in the country, while the Atlantic provinces have the worst.

The study by the right-wing Fraser Institute measured factors such as employment growth, worker productivity, unemployment and levels of government employment.

It says Alberta is first in Canada and boasts the best labour market in all of North America, while B.C. ranks second in Canada and 11th in North America, with Saskatchewan third in Canada and 14th on the continent.

Ontario and Quebec ranked 25th and 50th in North America, while Newfoundland and Labrador was the lowest rated province at 51st, despite its healthy energy sector.

The report also says the Atlantic provinces suffer from the highest unemployment rates in North America.

The report says the labour market could be improved by reducing the amount of government employment, loosening labour laws and avoiding hikes in the minimum wage.

Well it's not really news to me, but at least there's an update on things not changing.