China Olympics -aNegative Verdict

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Human rights group gives Beijing Games negative verdict
China National News
Monday 25th August, 2008

China failed to win any medals in the human rights department during the Beijing Olympics, a rights watchdog said Monday.

The Chinese government 'blatantly and successfully' used the Games to realise its political goals, Hong Kong-based Human Rights in China (HRIC) said.

'Yet the carefully orchestrated facade could not conceal a police state that tramples on human rights,' HRIC executive director Sharon Hom said.

The Chinese people were to continue to shoulder the enormous financial, environmental and social costs of hosting the games, the NGO said.

Since 2001, about 1.5 million Beijing residents were forcibly resettled to make space for the construction of the Olympic venues, often receiving little or no compensation.

About 200 million cubic metres of water were used for 'greening' Beijing, which is located at the edge of the desert, HRIC said. The water was redirected from the neighbouring drought-stricken Heibei province.

'The International Olympic Committee kept its head in the sand when faced with reports of violations of media access, crackdowns and round-ups, and concerns about air pollution hazards,' Hom said.

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By fish, 08-25-08, 04:50 PM Changes are always bad, even though they are for the better, it is the sour grapes and holier than thou syndrome

Every country in their stages of industrial development has to suffer trials and tribulations of economic adjustments and inconveniences to adapt to the new era. China is no exception, just slightly behind others but this does not allow those ahead of it to criticise it. Ask those who have been there, done them, and some of those who never managed to emerge from their own doldrums and are continually practicing their own human wrongs in the name of human rights. With the game over, China will have to face up to its own agenda, and there is no hiding from earthquakes and floods and its 1.3 billion people. Time to face the mirror again. By Anonymous, 08-25-08, 07:49 AM Human rights group gives Beijing Games negative verdict

These pin head armchair critics are incapable of seeing big picture. No one country regret hosting an Olympic and why do they think Beijing game will be differesnt? Is it because chinese skin color is different than those in London and Paris? Or they think Beijner are stupid to listen to them who have never produce one single good for their fellow human except unfounded critisicm and agitate for hatred amongst neighbors and countrymen. Should a government that uplifted several hundred millions peoople from misery of war and famine to live a dignified life listen to these egg heads that never created one single job for anyone?
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Seeing how the home gymnastics team cheated, of course the verduct is negative...
China - please.... please....please delete the advertising links in your posts before you hit submit. They are considered spam.

Just more rascist anti sino tripe. China was very leanent on people, and they made concessions during the olympics. I'm sadly disappointed how much negative political junk was thrown at China during a time of peace in celebration of Athletic Spirit and Cooperation. People that did that should be ashamed of themselves. China's human rights isn't bad they have a very strong justice system, and a very representative party system.

Most of the world is very similiar to China, just racism, and national agendas in a China is the Enemy policies that really tear down such a grand occasion.
Quote: Originally Posted by RisusView Post

Seeing how the home gymnastics team cheated, of course the verduct is negative...

lies, they were all eligible to compete. (external - login to view)

This is all about this

#1. China 51 GOLD (1st Place FInishers AKA WINNERS = the best = champions)
21 28
United States 36 GOLD (1st Place finishers - AKA WINNERS = the best = champions)
38 36 110
#3. Russian Fed 23 GOLD (1st Place finishers - AKA WINNERS = the best = champions)
21 28 72

SEE WHO IS #1.... The US still counts by all medals... most other countries have a point system..

1908, gold was worth (external - login to view) five points, silver three and bronze one.

When did this system change?
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"lies, they were all eligible to compete."

Don't believe it.

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