Prince Charles and his wife Camilla - the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall - attended the Mey Highland Games in Caithness yesterday.

As always at this event, Charles was wearing a kilt - but could not hide his embarrassment as a sudden gust of wind caught the future king by surprise.

The Duchess, though, just couldn't stop laughing.

Charles is the chieftain of the games, but because of the bad weather only 300 people turned up..

Game for a laugh... it's the Prince of Gales

By Mail On Sunday Reporter
10th August 2008
Daily Mail

At first, one wasn’t much amused. As Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall braved torrential rain and gales at the Mey Highland Games yesterday, they must have wished their ‘summer’ holiday had been taken in balmier climes.

Hair raising: The Duchess of Cornwall looks surprised by the sudden gust of wind

And as the wind gathered strength, Charles appeared to become increasingly concerned about whether his kilt might blow up.

The Duchess couldn’t contain her mirth as her husband used a hand to keep the kilt firmly pressed against his knees.

Steady on: Charles tries to stop his kilt from rising

While Charles recomposes himself, the Duchess gets a fit of the giggles

The Prince was amused, too – so much so that both of them ended up crying with laughter.

Fewer than 300 of an expected 2,000 spectators turned up for the games, of which the Prince is chieftain.

The Royal couple have been staying at the nearby Castle of Mey, the Caithness home of the late Queen Mother.

Charles’s presence at the Mey games emphasised his absence in Beijing.

Happy couple: The blustery conditions made both of them laugh, if nothing else

Close to tears: The Duchess is overcome with laughter and Charles seems to have caught the bug

He refused to attend the opening of the Olympic Games because of China’s human rights record in Tibet.

Charles publicly supports the Dalai Lama, and has referred to Chinese officials as ‘appalling old waxworks’.

No problem with the kilt rising here as Charles waves to the crowd