Mom wants walkie-talkies pulled after child’s toy picked up trashy truckers talk

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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — A West Vir­ginia mother is seeking a recall of a popular walkie-talkie after her three­year- old’s toy apparently intercepted a profanity-laced conversation be­tween truckers about drugs and strip clubs.
Deborah Pancaro, 34, said she con­tacted Fisher-Price after she heard a conversation in which a man said “10-4" and other things that led her to believe the device was relaying a CB radio conversation.
“They said we should go smoke some weed, and were talking about being in a strip bar, some really expli­cit things," Pancaro said Thursday.
The walkie-talkie is sold exclusive­ly at Wal-Mart and allows children to role-play animal rescues like the Die­go character does on the cartoon se­ries Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go!
The walkie-talkie is supposed to have a range of about six metres but Pancaro said she heard one of the voices say he was driving on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, about 440 kilometres north of Huntington.

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he he, that made me laugh.
............Pullem or don't. Who cares?..........You can pick this up on a baby moniter, walkie talkie, whatever.

CB's are an essential truckin tool...........My son warned a flatbed who was trying to enter an interstate in the path of a spinning car..........saved someone's bacon...........I had my hands wrapped around the "Jesus Christ" bar, and my feet on the passenger's side "brakes"......We were second in line.

And, yepper, there be some frofane frofanity on'em.............Change the channel.

Yep, pull the toys.

Sue whomever

Who gives a ****?



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