Apparently not everyone is bear aware. I guess people just don't think that food is an attraction for creatures.

canadianpress.google.com/arti...JCDnFgY0bprdkg (external - login to view)

I saw this on CTV news also, and they said RCMP officers shot the kitchen-invading bear several times before it died. And that was after it was tranked. So here I was thinking that they hard target practise sometimes. Bears are not that much different from people anatomically and pretty much stop living after a shot into the head.
lol CBC news radio has the story on now, too. They say a large bear broke into a man's basement apartment. 'Scuse me but 180 kgs is about AVERAGE for a male blackbear. If they want to see large bear, try Churchill, or the Khutzemateen Valley.
(hehehe Sometimes the newsmedia are just funny and I love picking on them).
Oh, BTW, last year there were 3 homes here that I know of that were raided by blacks. But this is a rural area and we do see critters frequently. One more reason why I like the sticks over cities.