Minister: Grace period has passed for N.S. drivers who ignore cellphone ban

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Nova Scotia's transport minister says he'd like to see police step up enforcement of the province's four-month old ban on cellphone use while driving.

Murray Scott says the province also has to do more to educate the public that it is now illegal to talk on a cellphone or send text messages while driving.

Scott is reacting to a recent informal poll by police in New Glasgow who spotted 56 drivers out of almost 3,000 either talking or texting a figure police consider to be high.

Scott says the best way to encourage an attitude shift by drivers is to start laying more fines.

But he adds increased enforcement is a matter that should be left up to the discretion of police.

Under the cell phone ban, which took effect April 1, fines start at around $165 for a first offence and rise to $222 for a second, while subsequent offences will cost drivers $337.

Good.... throw the book at them... see if they're paying attention.

Although I've seen plenty with the BlueTooths driving, I usually count 3-7 people still driving while yacking their mouths off on a cell, holding the cell in one hand and trying to shift gears and steer with the other each day.

Get'er Done!
This is one law I agree with, I wish we had it in B.C.
Yes it is a good law, after all they are driving a car not a phone booth!

However should it include CBs? I think so.
I don't mind radio, but having the TV on to watch for yourself as the driver, that I don't agree with.


*You actually smash into a tree because you were watching TV. Along the way you ran over a duck, a park bench, a couple of mimes working on the street that didn't yell to stop or scream, because the art of mime has a code of honor, two parking meters, and a bucket.* (Lucky you)

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