How Rich People Spend Their Time

Scott Free

People invariably believe that money can make them happy -- and rich people usually do report being happier than poor people do. But if this is the case, shouldn't wealthy people spend a lot more time doing enjoyable things than poor people?
Nobel Prize-winning behavioral economist Daniel Kahneman has found, however, that being wealthy is often a powerful predictor that people spend less time doing pleasurable things, and more time doing compulsory things and feeling stressed.
People who make less than $20,000 a year, for example, told Kahneman and his colleagues that they spend more than a third of their time in passive leisure -- watching television, for example. Those making more than $100,000 spent less than one-fifth of their time in this way -- putting their legs up and relaxing. Rich people spent much more time commuting and engaging in activities that were required as opposed to optional. The richest people spent nearly twice as much time as the poorest people in leisure activities that were active, structured and often stressful -- shopping, child care and exercise.
Kahneman and his colleagues argued that many people mistakenly allocate enormous amounts of their time and psychological focus to getting rich because of a mental illusion: When they think about what it would mean to be wealthy, they think about how enjoyable it would be to watch a flat-screen TV set, play lots of sports or get a lot of pampering -- our stereotypical beliefs of how the rich spend their time.
"In reality," Kahneman and his colleagues wrote in a paper they published in the journal Science, "they should think of spending a lot more time working and commuting and a lot less time engaged in passive leisure."
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So if your poor it's because your lazy. Isn't that what rich people always say?
So shopping, being with the kids and exercise are high stress activities for the rich? The problem with being rich is that you can remember not being rich and panic you might go that way again. Now being WEALTHY, that's different. There must be a cut off point where no matter how much you spend or fritter away you still have a shedload stashed away and just can't catch up with the incoming.
I wonder how many poor people owned slaves?
with the high prices lately i heard that the rich tell their personal shoppers to find the best bargains instead of the most expensive thing. oh no its soooo tragic that the rich have to start penny pinching *sarcasm* HA what a joke
"watching television, for example"

Watching TV is not even remotely constructive. I'd rather be wealthy and spend the time counting my money.
depends on your definition of rich, if you mean monetary then yes i a very poor ,but if you mean how i view my life im a billionaire means nothing to me happiness of others means the most to me like i say all depends where your priority's lay.
Well my family's got a fair chunk o' change in the old coffers, and none of us are stressed or unhappy more often than anyone else. It all depends on your career, exact wealth, and your social status. If you've won $30 million in the lottery, you really dont have anything to worry about apart from which $250,000 car to buy.
I find it strange that so many people didn't realize that those making over 100K work a lot. I made over that last year and it was because I put in a ton of overtime, not because I have an easy or super well paying job. It was the necessary sacrifice I made to save up a downpayment for a condo.

My friend's now ex boyfriend was always trying to find some way to work less than 30 hours a week but make tons of money and was shocked when she told him that was pretty stupid. Most people who make a lot of money either possess skills which are very much in demand or they work a lot.It's a pretty simple formula.
.........havin a grammarless day..........yippiiee

old sayin hung on my gramps wall in his plumbing shop......."all things cometh to he who waiteth.
If he worketh like hell while he waiteth"

welll............not necess so. and he knew that but he worked like hell anyhow and passed the work ethic all the way down to us. most of the clan have done well by it, and have been constructive plebes, raised families, stashed some cash, and were, by and large, happy.

personally, i know a few ***-sitters who have made a career out of it, as their families before them, also dood. must say, have never met such a whining bunch of ner do wells. looked after in our great canadian society from the cradle to the grave and all they do is BITCH, and use up precious resourses (health, welfare), which "WE" pay for. this tends to make me less happy, so i try not to think about it..................i just might vote con...............oww ouch eeeh, godam. sorry jesus, i won't. promise. oww owww.

observation: happy people come from happy families, wealth or fame notwithstanding. what made them happy in the first place is lost in the mists of time. suffice to say, they are, and their kids will probably be also............happy that is..........maybe they were blessed by leprechauns way back in the 1200's...........hoooooooonose?

wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, that's my take on happiness. don't like it. **** off...........ha ha ha .......just kidden.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<my uncle used to do that.....jeebus!!! talk about happy.

....and my aunt, this, with a little help from seagrams.........happy as hell.

.......happy as a coot.

..........happy like a lumberjack

............happy till the hangover

.................yah, that too, fer christ's sake



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