Cuban TV airs new Castro images


In this image shown on Cuban television Tuesday, Fidel Castro, centre, is seen talking with his brother Cuban President Raul Castro, right, and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, left.


Cuban television on Tuesday showed images of Fidel Castro chatting in a garden with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the first images of the ailing revolutionary broadcast in six months.

The 81-year-old Castro looks thinner, and his hair and beard are much whiter in the video images, which do not include any audio.

But he looks vigorous and animated as he talks with Chavez and his younger brother, President Raul Castro.

He is dressed in a white running jacket with red and blue trim in the images broadcast Tuesday.

Suffering from a series of reported health problems, Castro stepped down as president of Cuba in February after ruling the Caribbean island nation for nearly half a century.

Good to know the good fella is still up and about.
lone wolf
I hope I look that good at 81!


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