A Fredericton skateboarder is ready to go to jail on Wednesday rather than pay a fine for skateboarding on city streets.

Lee Breen, 25, was fined in the summer of 2007 after he received several warnings about skateboarding on city streets.

Fredericton bylaw S-9, which is a bylaw to "prevent nuisances," prohibits people from using a sled, toboggan, wagon or skateboard on city streets.

Skateboarding on streets is a safety issue, said Wayne Knorr, spokesman for the City of Fredericton.

"When you put individuals like that into traffic, you create safety problems and when you are backing up traffic and preventing them from making their turns, then you are creating a nuisance along the street," Knorr said.

But Breen said he takes precautions while skateboarding by wearing a helmet, avoiding sidewalks and making hand signals.

When the proper precautions are taken, riding a skateboard is no more dangerous than riding a bike in the city, which is allowed, Breen said.

Riding a skateboard is also an environmentally friendly way to commute, he said, adding he strives to maintain a green lifestyle.

Breen operates a zero emission lawn care service that uses a reel lawnmower, hand clippers and organic compost.

Fredericton is trying to maintain a greener lifestyle in its Green Matters campaign. Part of the effort includes encouraging people to find a "greener" way to commute.

"I'm trying to point out that the City of Fredericton is contradicting itself," Breen said. It would cut down on emissions if more people travelled by skateboard, he said, adding the city should scrap its bylaw.

Breen said he is willing to go to jail to make his point.

A judge ordered that Breen pay his $100 fine in April or go to jail for five days.

The deadline to pay the fine is Wednesday and Breen said he expects a warrant to be issued for his arrest. He will be turning himself into authorities at about 1 p.m. AT.