Via Rail Train Quarantined

Via Rail train quarantined in N. Ontario after mystery illness hits passengers (external - login to view)

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FOLEYET, Ont. Ambulances and police scrambled to the hamlet of Foleyet, Ont., on Friday after one person died and several others fell ill on a Via Rail passenger train en route from Vancouver to Toronto.
The train was under quarantine as authorities rushed to tend to those with flu-like symptoms and find out what was causing the illness.
"The whole place is being overrun with ambulances and police cars, and we've got helicopters," said Deborah DesRochers, chairwoman of the town of 380 about 100 kilometres southwest of Timmins.
"They've got the train quarantined. They're trying to isolate what it is."
Only emergency response personnel were being allowed on or off the train, which was carrying 260 passengers and 30 crewmembers.
Via Rail spokeswoman Catherine Kaloutsky confirmed one person had died but had no further details were sketchy.
"Medical personnel are at the scene and are standing by to assist as may be required," Kaloutsky said.
Police said as many as 10 were ill with flu-like symptoms, which made its regular morning stop in Foleyet.
"No one is going onto the train without full protective gear," police spokeswoman Sgt. Laura Nichols told CP24.
The illnesses appeared to be contained to two train cars.
A CN Rail sleep station had been evacuated and local health facilities were on standby.
Weird. Something to keep an eye on. I thought Norwalk when I read the title.
lone wolf
From the scene, the word SARS has been gingerly avoided. Norwalk? Legionaires? There are two tour groups on that train so it's anyone's guess what they've been in contact with.
The illnesses "were multiple, just coincidences that happened at the same time," she said. The dead woman "was in a coach and those feeling ill were in another.
"They were isolated from the rest of the train."

according to a full article found here (external - login to view)
lone wolf
Good thing 'cuz right now I'm dealing with internal lightning bolts from the eyebrows and ears, pain all over, dizziness, the odd time about to cough up a lung and all those other neat flu-like thingamabobs that come from hugging a one-year-old with a "cold". Becha I could jet up to first in queue at St Joseph's ER....
Aw, poor wolf. That'll teach you to be such a sweet heart.

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