B.C. boy needed 100 stitches after pit bull attack

I thought I would never own a pit or rotty even though I love dogs, however, I ended up adopting a dog that was part rotty, she was about 18 months old at the time. I took her to the vet right away and the vet confirmed my suspicions that the dog was mistreated. She was malnourished, had terrible urine scalding on her feet, was scared of women and covered in fleas.
I've had Cooper now for 4 years and she is the sweetest most gentle dog I know. Even my sister who is extremeley protective of her 2 little girls trusts Cooper. My neices sometimes step on her tail and she doesn't even flinch. She loves to play with other dogs and will lay down if the dog she's playing with is small, just to make sure nobody gets hurt.
On the other hand my neighbor had a really mean pitbull, it attacked a woman and put her in the hospital..... just like he trained it to do.

There is a fine line between aggression and gameness. A game dog is on perhaps like your own that is ready and willing to hit the water and retrieve a bird or lure. It's what separates a good working dog or sporting dog from a lumpy couch potato like I have.
But more importantly, it's what ignorant breeders miss in their attempt to do whatever it is that they are trying to do in their backyards.

The word 'breeder' is often used very loosely, as there are so many back yard breeders/
puppy mills, who's owner/operators don't abide to any of the ckc rules. I am a registered
canadian breeder, registered with the canadian kennel club, and every puppy that I ever bred is registered in their system, and every puppy I sold was sold with a 'no breed' contract, with the exception of animals sold 'for breeding' purpose, which are few and
far between.

Back when blood sport was a mainstay in the lives of our ancestors, dogs were bred to fight. You didn't see wildly aggressive dogs that would attack anything that moved. On the contrary a good pit fighting dog was calm, never out of control and since the owner of the dog's opponent would wash it, never aggressive towards people. As a matter of fact, if your dog bit someone, it would be removed unless it was shown that there was a good reason for it.
I totally undestand that concept.

I can think of a couple of dozen dog breeds off the top of my head that are every bit as dangerous as a poorly bred and mistreated Pit Bull. Yet you will never hear much about them as the popularity of those breeds are nothing in comparison here in North America.

You're are right, and many of the pitt bulls acquired here, is for the purpose of making
a statement to others and the law, as they seem to want to send the message that they
have a dog who 'could hurt others', which helps spread the 'negative' attitude toward
the pitt bull.
The popularity of the pitt bull now, certainly isn't because it is beautiful, or because
it is the best dog for children, so then why, it seems to me what I said above is the
obvious reason, and also, to make the 'opposite' statement, a contradition, " I'm going
to get a pitt bull to show everyone how gentle they are", that's just as stupid as the others. They are 'what you raise them to be.

A puppy is totally dependent on 'our' signals as their 'master' and 'parent', so when the
wrong signals are constantly sent to the young growing dog, which don't instill good
feelings for the dog, when he/she is around humans, that poor dog will grow up to fear
and mistrust humans, hence, a dog you can't trust around people.
Puppys/dogs NEVER should be 'hit' for any reason whatsoever, by their owners.
I agree, I think that owning a pitbull is a social statement. Unfortunately enough people buying and owning pitbulls are not resonsible or knowlegable enough to own even a small dog. They are totally unprepared for the work involved in having a big dog. The dog is always the one that suffers.
My bad neighbor whose pitbull it was that attacked the woman was charged by police. I don't know what the charges were but the police interveiwed all the neighbors including myself. I once saw the creep drunk with his friends, laying on top of the poor dog squeezing its testicles yelling "Only bite when I tell you". I called every authority I could think of at the time but all told me there was nothing they could do until it bit someone. Even then they were limited by a one bite grace rule. The dog however so badly mauled this woman that she nearly died, she spent weeks in hospital and has permanent disabilities.
The place beside me is a rental unit and is a sorespot in the community. The owner of the dog ran away but has since been found and incarcerated.
People should need a license to breed an animal. If I had my way, people would need to have a license proving they are a responsible person in order to have an animal.......

Hell left up to me, one would need a license to pro-create..... but, that's just me.
Pit bulls are nasty, they can whig out at any time, they should not be running loose at any time nor should they be even in a playground.
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Pit bulls are nasty, they can whig out at any time, they should not be running loose at any time nor should they be even in a playground.

Pit Bulls are a sweet and gentle creature when well bred and raised with a firm and loving owner, a fine companion for any girl or boy.

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