Umm, Who the hell is Richard Warman

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This is all the rage on a few conservative blogs coming out of the states.

Richard Warman suing conservative bloggers -- including me

(UPDATES below)
Richard "The Boy Named Sue" Warman has finally filed his statement of claim.
Canada's busiest litigant, serial "human rights" complainant and -- the guy Mark Steyn has called "Canada’s most sensitive man" -- Richard Warman is now suing his most vocal critics (external - login to view) -- including me.
The suit names:

• Ezra Levant (famous for his stirring YouTube video of his confrontation with the Canadian Human Rights tribunal after he published the “Mohammed Cartoons”)
• (Canada’s answer to
• Kate McMillan of
• Jonathan Kay of the National Post daily newspaper and its in-house blog
• and me, Kathy Shaidle of

Richard Warman used to work for the notorious Human Rights Commission, which runs the "kangaroo courts" who’ve charged Mark Steyn with "flagrant Islamophobia."
Richard Warman has brought almost half these cases single-handledly, getting websites he doesn’t like shut down, and making tens of thousands of tax free dollars in "compensation" out of web site owners who can’t afford to fight back or don’t even realize they can.

The province of British Columbia had to pass a special law to stop Richard Warman from suing libraries because they carried books he didn't approve of.
Richard Warman also wants to ban international websites he doesn’t like from being seen by Canadians.
The folks named in his new law suit are the very bloggers who have been most outspoken in their criticism of Warman’s methods. (external - login to view)

Is this just not really news in Canada? Or is it just really old news, and us Americans are just hearing about it now?

It sounds like you guys up north have a genuine "Reichsfuhrer" working in your Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.
some info re warman......... (external - login to view)=
some more stuff re warman from "those bastards" thread.........

March 23rd, 2008, 12:17 PM

Canadian National Post previews Tuesday's Warman hearing

'... they point to Mr. Lemire's accuser, former human rights commission employee Richard Warman, who is also the complainant in more than a dozen other section 13.1 cases -- more by far than any other complainant ever -- and wonder how one man could be so widely aggrieved. They also note his 100% success rate ...
... Liberal MP Keith Martin, who has put forth a motion to scrap section 13.1, says it seems unfair that "someone could be using the power of the state for their own private initiative. I don't want to use the word pogrom, it would be too strong. One person's private crusade".'
Dictionary definition of 'Pogrom': 'An organized, often officially encouraged massacre or persecution of a minority group, especially one conducted against Jews.' (external - login to view)
Click here for the full National Post article ...
Humbling 'Pieman'
By Mark Steyn
'Richard Warman was not a member of any of the "identifiable groups", but that's the great thing about the "human rights" racket. You can write something about Jews, Muslims, gays or transsexuals that prompts not a single complaint from a Jew, Muslim, gay or transsexual, but if Mr Warman decides to get upset on their behalf it's a goldmine. In the end, the Tribunal ordered Mr Kyburz to pay Mr Warman $35,000, including $20,000 for "pain and suffering".

"Pain and suffering"? Consider this passage:

Mr. Warman signed up to join the web forum, using a false name, and, as a result, was able to access the information posted there.

Richard Warman, a private citizen not a law enforcement officer empowered to conduct undercover operations, voluntarily becomes a member of a hate website, then gets his former colleagues in the government to investigate the site, and collects 35 grand - tax-free - for his "pain and suffering".

What does this racket have to do with "human rights"?

In free societies who value the integrity of the justice system, it would be Mr Warman and his chums at the CHRC who would be under investigation.' (external - login to view)
Who are the real supremacists here?
'Unlike Richard Warman and Dean Steacy, I don't spend my time hanging out on white-supremacist websites, and I get a little queasy at some of the e-mail correspondence I wake up to in the morning. Nonetheless, bad laws usually start out being applied to unsympathetic characters on the fringes of society, and then work their way inwards.'
Exactly, that's why it is so important to expose what is going on ehre and put an end to it. (external - login to view)

Now the spotlight turns on Richard Warman's allies at the Canadian Jewish Congress ...

Bernie Farber: the Internet 'must be tamed'

By Ezra Levant

'I doubt that the subject of the CJC/CHRC's desire to get Cybertip to start hunting and blocking websites with politically incorrect speech will come up in Tuesday's hearing in Ottawa, but it might. The CHRC's Goldberg -- who Farber claims "believes that this concept has merit" will be on the stand, in addition to Dean Steacy and Hannya Rizk. It's one thing for a nut like Farber to want to crush dissent -- he works for a special interest lobby group. But Goldberg works for a government agency. Does he share Farber's dark vision of censorship? When the rotting, lawless CHRC is finally brought to heel -- and I believe that day will come, perhaps as soon as this year -- their desire to block what you and I read, and their disgusting proposal to compare politically incorrect ideas with child abuse, should be held up for all Canadians to see, as yet one more reason to shut down these careening threats to our freedoms.' (external - login to view)


Next stop: Gestapo, Saskatchewan

By Mark Steyn

One of the puzzling features of my legal troubles up north is that the biggest supporters of Canada's "human rights" commissions are liberal Jewish groups, who seem convinced that that, without these kangaroo courts, a vast horde of neo-Nazi white supremacists would sweep to power across the land. On, ahem, other sources of Jew hatred in the world today, they seem oddly reticent.

So, naturally, when the Canadian Jewish Congress heard that the village of Swastika, Ontario was about to celebrate its centennial, they wrote to municipal officials "taking exception" to the name both of the village and its only street, Swastika Avenue. You can see their point. If it were proved that National Socialism began in Swastika, Ontario in 1908 and that the Mitteluropean operation was a mere branch office, that might confirm the CJC's curious priorities.

Alas, town historian Carolyn O'Neil offered The Northern Daily News an alternative explanation:

Swastika has a small lake called Otto Lake with the Amikougami Creek and Blanch River running into it, which to the Cree Indians in Northern Ontario represented joining of the waters. Swas means joining and ika means water.

Presumably the "t" is Cree for "tea". If you join water to tea, you get a refreshing hot beverage. Which the Canadian Jewish Congress might like to have a nice soothing cup of before they embark on their next campaign to protect Canada from the menace of century-old Ontario place names.

Source: (external - login to view)

What a bunch of wallies they really are.


The CJC's historical revisionism

'The destruction of the CJC's credibility has quickened as they've continued to double down on their association with Canada's discredited HRCs and illiberal hate speech laws. The fact that the CJC now finds itself in league with bigoted anti-Semites who love using the HRCs for their own ends -- like Mohamed Elmasry, or Syed Soharwardy, is no coincidence.

Rather than be alarmed at their new allies, the CJC has embraced them. Here's a disgusting couple of e-mails the CJC sent to me, at the behest of their Islamist friends, trying to stop me from publishing the Danish cartoons of Mohammed a couple of years ago.' (external - login to view)

Lemire lawyer Barbara Kulaszka hammers Canadian 'Human Rights' Commission request for a secret hearing in Warman case

'Many people have been found by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to have posted discriminatory hate messages on message boards, particularly Stormfront. It now has been revealed that Dean Steacy [Canadian 'Human Rights' Commission 'investigator') was a member of Stormfront and posted there. It is already known that Richard Warman, who was the complainant in all of the cases against these persons, was also a member of Stormfront and posted messages which even the Commission itself has acknowledged violated section 13. It is now known that Sgt. Stephen Camp, a police officer, was also a member of Stormfront and posted racist messages.

What is being revealed here is shocking and goes to the root of the findings in many Tribunal decisions in cases brought by Richard Warman.' (external - login to view)

Yes! Public protest and Macleans magazine cause Warman hearing on Tuesday not to be held in secret
'I was just forwarded a copy of a Tribunal decision that has overruled the Human Rights Commission's invocation of Section 37 of the Human Right's Act. Section 37, as you may or may not know, is a clause of the HRA that allows tribunal proceedings to be held in secret, if the tribunal determines there is any threat to safety of witnesses.
Rogers Communications, on behalf of Macleans Magazine, has been fighting the tribunal to allow journalists to be present when Commission employees Hannya Rizk and Dean Steacy, will be forced to testify, under oath, of allegations that members of the commission (and Dean Steacy himself) indeed planted racist messages on websites, which were subsequently investigated by the commission.
There are also allegations that Richard Warman, as a non-commission employee, gave inappropriate direction to members of the Commission on how to proceed on cases in which he was a complainant.' (external - login to view)
.................................................. ..
The tide is turning and it is blow for freedom everywhere

'Today, a one-man Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruled that his imminent hearing into the conduct of Canadian Human Rights Commission staff will be open to the public. This is a direct result of not only Maclean's magazine's legal application, but also of dozens of Canadians writing to the tribunal and, frankly, of the blogosphere's efforts to peel back the layers of the CHRC's secretive workings.
The CHRTribunal is no friend of freedom or fair play. As noted by many, it has a 100% conviction rate; it is not presided over by real judges; its procedures are arbitrary, not the reliable rules of procedure that exist in real courts; and the victims of these tribunals must pay their own way, whereas the investigators and prosecutors at these tribunals -- the CHRCommission, where folks like Dean Steacy work and Richard Warman used to work -- have the unlimited resources of the state. But even the CHRTribunal was appalled by the CHRCommission's latest tactics in its endless war against thought crimes.' (external - login to view)
.................................................. .

Collateral damage
'What's happening is the rebranding of human rights commissions. Most Canadians hadn't heard of them before, but if ever they did, they probably would like the words: "human", "rights" and "commission" sound safe, even friendly. It's hard to rebrand something with such a pretty name, but it's happening -- now "human rights commission" is becoming shorthand for a politically correct kangaroo court that abuses our freedoms. It's denormalization.' (external - login to view)
.................................................. ..
Richard Warmfront
By Mark Steyn
'I regret to say that, until I had the misfortune to catch the attention of the "human rights" racketeers myself, I was unfamiliar with the sterling work of Marc Lemire's lawyer, Barbara Kulaszka. But she's awful good. I like the way, apropos the CHRC crowd's zeal for posting on hate websites, she refers to them as "members of Stormfront". Which, of course, they are. Ms Kulaszka identifies Dean Steacy as a "member of Stormfront", and Richard Warman as a "member of Stormfront", and Sgt Stephen Camp as a "member of Stormfront". Perhaps somewhere there's a message thread wherein Richard Warman attempts to entrap Sgt Stephen Camp while he's simultaneously attempting to entrap Dean Steacy. It might be easier to buy these kinky "hate message" crusaders a group membership to some online dating service for the more specialized fetishes.

But, given the minimal traffic at Stormfront, one has to wonder how many of their neo-Nazi white-supremacist members are servants of the Crown's "human rights" apparatus idling away the office hours on a rainy afternoon. Still, unlike "Canadian human rights crusader Richard Warman", "Stormfront member Richard Warman" at least has the merits of being indisputable.'
Source: (external - login to view)

'Why are my ears on fire ...?

The Warman veil continues to lift

What exactly is the March 25th hearing about?

'Here are some highlights from the transcript of how [Canadian 'Human Rights' Commission investigator] Rizk and Warman interacted. It really is worth a read if you've got the time.

*On pages 4419 and 4494 of the transcript, Rizk states that Warman filed his CHRC complaint against Lemire while Warman was still working at the CHRC himself. Put aside the fact that CHRC policy is to not generate its own complaints. How outrageous is it that Warman would file a complaint to the commission, as a "private citizen", while still working at the commission?

*The only thing more outrageous would have been if Warman filed a complaint and then investigated it himself. That didn't happen; Rizk was assigned Warman's case. But wouldn't you know it: Rizk and Warman had a working relationship at the CHRC, and it was Warman who trained Rizk how to hunt Internet thought criminals (page 443. He was the expert; she was new at section 13 cases. In fact, other than Warman's tutelage, Rizk says she received no training in how to assess section 13 complaints (page 4512).' (external - login to view)


'A great deal of anger has been expressed'

'Last week, Maclean's magazine filed its legal application to open the doors of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal's secret trial, scheduled for March 25th. It was a thoughtful application, with references to court cases and arguments about the importance of a transparent legal system. It was the kind of legal brief you'd expect from a top lawyer hired by one of Canada's top media companies. Now the Canadian Human Rights Commission has responded; you can read their slap-dash reply here (I'm impressed that they even managed to spell one of their own staff's names wrong).' (external - login to view)


The importance of Rick Mercer's 'rant' (external - login to view)

The Canadian Thought Police Exposed Like Never Before ...

Human rights make for strange bedfellows

From former Mossad agent Michael Ross in the Canadian National Post

'In Israel, Jews who emigrate from other countries are regarded with a degree of disdain by the nation's native-born establishment. The attitude is rooted in envy: Jews growing up in Israel have to endure such hardships as mandatory military service, while their Diaspora counterparts enjoy a life free of Hamas missiles and suicide bombers. Unlike Israelis, Jews living in such safe countries as Canada have the luxury of concerning themselves with negligible problems like neo-Nazi material on the Internet.

This perception recently has been reinforced, in my mind at least, by the Canadian Jewish Congress' attempts to justify the censorship powers of our human rights commissions. Only by suppressing freedom of speech, CJC officials have argued in the National Post's pages and elsewhere, can Jews and other minority groups be protected from the isolated eccentrics who prowl the web.'


Rick Mercer's Rant on CBC about the Canadian Thought Police

Click here to watch ... go to 'Season 5, Episode 18, Mercer: Rick's Rant' ...


Maclean's Magazine Joins The Battle (external - login to view)


Human rights commissions and Irwin Cotler

From the Nova Scotia Chronicle Herald

'Can Canada’s human rights commissions be cured of their free speech-stomping ways without changing any laws?' (external - login to view)


'Why are my ears burning ...?'
An Albertan in Manhattan

By Mark Steyn

'The Toronto Star has figured out where all this is headed and they don't care for it. Nor do all the impeccably liberal progressive types quoted in Charlie Gillis' profile of Richard Warman, in the new print edition of Maclean's. The "human rights" racket has no friends and no defenders other than current commissioners, former commissioners and others living high off the "human rights" hog ...' (external - login to view)

Thoughts from New York (external - login to view)
Censor Warman Demolished

(He's been suing me for EIGHT YEARS for describing him as a censor, but, well, he's a censor. If it walks like a censor, talks like a censor and acts like a censor, it's a censor)

Rent-a-quote Warman refused to comment. Why so shy, Rich?

And you still have to deal with me and Ezra Levant yet, mate. It's all bad news, eh? Still think he's an asset, Bernie, or is it time to be sensible and think again?

'Mark Steyn, a conservative author who was the target of a prominent hate speech complaint over his writing in Maclean's, said Mr. Hadjis' realized "that there is no future for Section 13 because of the damage done to it by the dress-up Nazis of the CHRC and the sordid racket of Richard Warman.'

Read more ...

.................................................. .....................

A landmark victory

'Sad to say that Bernie Farber's CJC (Canadian Jews for Censorship) is determined to go down with the ship. It would be too obvious to reprise Cromwell's words to the Long Parliament and tell him "you have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately ... Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!"

But if I were a CJC donor I would be wondering quite what the point of this organization is. The sole Internet post on which Mr Lemire was found "guilty" was one called "Aids secrets". It was seen by a total of eight people within the Dominion of Canada - or nought-point-eight of a Canadian per province, or 0.61538 if one includes territories.

However, you've got to reckon that maybe two-to-three of those eight views were from Richard Warman trying to figure out how many thousands of bucks he could get by suing over it; another two views came from the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission; a couple more came from Bernie Farber's CJC and B'nai Brith; and maybe the sole remaining view came from Mr Lemire just after posting to check that it was formatted and displaying correctly.

In other words, no one in Canada saw this post. The only reason we know how "offensive" it is is because of the publicity given to it by Warman and the CHRC dress-up Nazis. Mr Lemire is not a threat to Canadians. Commissar Lynch and Richard Warman are.'

Read more ... (external - login to view)

.................................................. .....................

The Warman factor

'... Warmanization has entirely perverted the very narrow approval the Dickson court gave to it. In a sense, the CHRC has destroyed itself, by permitting a one-man annexation of Section 13 and its transformation into Warman's Law.

Next time Commissar Lynch jets off to Dublin at taxpayer expense to whine that she don't get no respect or Pearl Eliadis writes one of her plonking defenses of state censorship, ask them about Warman. This is why real justice systems have protections and procedures - so that they can't be hijacked by one narcissistic dress-up Nazi's creepy self-aggrandizement and self-enrichment program.'

It's all down hill from here, Rich. Enjoy.

SteynOnline - The Warman factor (external - login to view)
Never heard of the guy. I hope they create some pills for him.
#7  Top Rated Post
David Icke to Testify Warman v Free Dominion Trial! (external - login to view)

Connie Fournier
February 15, 2013

My husband and I run an internet forum in Canada called Free Dominion. In 2007 we were sued by an Ottawa lawyer named Richard Warman. He sued us and eight members of our political discussion forum for defamation over comments that were made about principles of freedom of speech and how they applied to Warman’s use of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, defamation lawsuits, and, especially, his attempts to prevent David Icke from speaking to audiences in Canada.

As many of you may know, Richard Warman was a prominent member of the Green Party. He was deeply involved in a campaign to shut down David Icke's Canadian speaking tour, and it ultimately resulted in Mr. Icke being attacked in a book store by a bunch of thugs with a pie.

Many of the comments that Richard Warman is claiming defame him are related to these incidents. We have not backed down from this lawsuit because the public deserves to know what took place back then and who was responsible. The public should not be prevented from commenting on the activities of a public figure such as Richard Warman. In September, Richard Warman will face a jury of his peers and be confronted by these facts, and many others. Defamation trials are about reputation, and this one is shaping up to be monumental!

The trial will be three weeks long, and we have asked David Icke to come and be a witness and tell the jury exactly what happened to him.

Because this is only one of four lawsuits that have been filed against us by Richard Warman, our costs are considerable. We have launched an Indiegogo fundraiser so that others who support freedom of speech can help us win this battle.

Please join us in this fight and we will see that justice is served!

For further information on our cases and the issues involved, and to make a donation, please click on the link below.

Donations may be made by credit card, PayPal, direct bank deposit, or by mail: (external - login to view)

Connie and Mark Fournier

To see the video record of what happened in Vancouver between David Icke and Richard Warman, watch this documentary:

Jon Ronson - Secret Rulers of the World, Pt. 2 - David Icke, The Lizards and The Jews - YouTube (external - login to view)

Warman is introduced at 30:15 - 32:05
The pie incident planning begins at 38:37

It is worth watching the entire thing if you have time!

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