Members of Canada's film and television industry will take the stage on Parliament Hill Thursday to voice their concerns over a proposed bill that would give the government the power to deny tax credits to productions it considers offensive.
Canadian filmmaker Sarah Polley, actress Wendy Crewson and Brian Anthony, CEO of the Directors Guild of Canada, will be among those appearing before the Senate committee on banking, trade and commerce, asking for changes to Bill C-10, an omnibus bill proposing a host of amendments to the Income Tax Act.
"These clauses are an attack on freedom of expression and will destroy film financing in Canada," Crewson said in a news conference ahead of her presentation.
Part of the Tories' controversial legislation would allow the Canadian Heritage department to refuse tax credits to Canadian film or TV productions, even if federal agencies such as Telefilm and the Canadian Television Fund have invested in the project.
The department would base the decision on whether the production contained content such as graphic sex or extreme violence that the department deemed inappropriate and "contrary to public policy."

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