Where Have All The Girls Gone

Society has outdone itself one more time. When it comes to trying to eliminate or subdue women China, India and other Asian countries have certainly blazed the trail. China's population of boys vs. girls is now at 120 boys to 100 girls. This discrepancy is due to China's "age-old bias for boys, combined with a draconian one-child policy imposed since 1980" A prime example of men exerting their authority over women.

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www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/05_09/b3922034_mz007.htm (external - login to view)
A lot of boys will be having boyfriends.
Ha...what other option will they have? Sexbots perhaps?
In societies where there has been an imbalance due to harsh environments, disease, or warfare, multiple marriage to balance out the problem has been and answer. Perhaps they'll just turn polyandrous.
There's always Rosie Palm and her five sisters
I guess if a man can have multiple wives it only stands to reason that a woman can do the same, if the situation warrants it.

Rosie you're alright, you wear my ring....
I think we all should only be allowed two children per family, only. I have no problem with that, some people need curtailing, and some countries they breed worse than rabbits and cats.
My girlfriend lived in Japan for many years, and men and men is highly accepted, not women but men okay. Yuck! but their world not mine.
I also feel how a country and people choose to run itself is their business. Look what sticking our noses in others business is getting our soldiers. DEAD!
I believe I read a report about the Halifax area where the women to men ratio is around 2:1 (More girls then guys) ~ Which is easy to believe since the level of universities in the area, one in paticular, Mount Saint Vincent, which is like 85-90% all female.

Not that I'm complaining.... Skin Garden Rd. is nice in the summer time.

but there's many reasons in many areas in the world why it wouldn't be a balanced ratio.

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