GM V.P. calls 'global warming' a crock of s h i t

Another member of the club.

DETROIT (Reuters) - General Motors Corp Vice Chairman Bob Lutz has defended remarks he made dismissing global warming as a "total crock of s---," saying his views had no bearing on GM's commitment to build environmentally friendly vehicles.
Lutz, GM's outspoken product development chief, has been under fire from Internet bloggers since last month when he was quoted as making the remark to reporters in Texas.
In a posting on his GM blog on Thursday, Lutz said those "spewing virtual vitriol" at him for minimizing the threat of climate change were "missing the big picture."
"What they should be doing in earnest is forming opinions, not about me but about GM and what this company is doing that is ... hugely beneficial to the causes they so enthusiastically claim to support," he said in a posting titled, "Talk About a Crock."

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If GM is changing its production to vehicles which use sources of energy other than gasoline,that should be what matters. If anyone is thinking of building a green car,I am afraid that is totally beyond possibility.
Vested interest in the status quo.
I support Unforgiven's view on these statements of 'position'.....

Whether global climate change is accelerated (warming or cooling) by the billions of tons of pollutants pumped into it by internal comubustion engines or not... the structure of nations has been irreversibly modified by our 'love affair' with the automobile. We (western societies) live and breathe "automobile", from drive-thru restaurants to maturational "milestones"...becoming licensed and getting that first set of wheels....

Entire economies are inexorably bound to petroleum dependency while the design and character of cities both as manufacturing centers and concentrations of humans playing the "prosperity-game" require altering landscapes and environments to facilitate these choices.

It would have become (fairly rapidly) apparent that social systems engineered to accomodate human societies as social entities in and of themselves as opposed to conditioning to selfishness and individualism as "icon" of "freedom" replicated the formulas that drive GM Ford and Chrysler to target the individual, would not have supported the financial empires built around both automobiles and petroleum. A nation of citizens that were conditioned instead to regard every human being as a critical contributory element to the larger complex of "society" would be available to the concept that individual "status" and "prosperity" as signified by the make and model of automobile that he/she drove was a self-destructive enterprise. In the name of amassing enormous fortunes for the few....modifying an effort to address international violence through production-lines and mass manufacturing that inevitably had to turn to appeasing individual personal appetites ....destruction of the nuclear family as "prosperity" became equated with "high-paying manufacturing jobs" to be found in and around cities and concentrations of industry that emerged as production dynamics compelled industrialists and profit-takers to concentrate supply logistics and distribution strategies ...and in so doing ended the days of family farms and generationally consistent endeavors to be abandoned as people moved into these production centers to get their share of the American Dream.

The American Dream is the dream of something for nothing. Prosperity and the means of prosperity to be somehow obtained by surrendering thought creative ability and values to the assembly lines and "production models". If I can get a job at Ford or GM or Chrysler of IBM or Mattel or Fisher Price I can participate in wealth and unconstrained consumption as my heroes the "manufacturing magnates" who epitomize the possibility of unbridled wealth and voracious appetities..... So you turn a bolt on an automobile chassis that passes by every forty seconds ...and you do this for forty years and guess what..... When paying you a decent wage cuts into the profits of your heroes...your job gets shipped to Mexico or manufacturing plants crop up in foreign nations where your heroes can pay dirt and continue making these gargantuan profits....

Get this straight...

The VP of GM or Ford or Exxon or Mobil or Mattel or Intel or any other executive riding the American Dream don't give a **** about you or your family or the future of this planet beyond how that future may impact their wealth and power. The American Dream.
Funny. Just this morning I saw a brand new, huge, GMC turbo-diesel, four door pick-up truck. The exhaust pipe had to be five inches in diameter. If I was building fuel guzzling monsters like that, I would want global warming to be a crock of s h i t as well.
There is a bigger pickup:

World's Biggest Pick-up Truck

Posted on Mon, 20 Sep 2004 00:00:00 CDT | by Luigi Lugmayr

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International Truck and Engine Corp. is producing the world's biggest production pickup truck.

The International monster truck lets Hummers (external - login to view) appear like toy cars.
The International 7300 CXT is nine feet tall, eight feet wide, 21 1/2 feet long and needs a gallon of diesel on seven miles.
The 14,500 pound pick-up truck is capable of towing 20 tons and seats 5. The 7300 CXT runs on the International® DT 466 diesel engine with a horsepower rating of 220 hp and 540 lb.-ft. of torque.
The International 7300 CXT starts at $93,000. More details in this press-release (external - login to view) and on International 7300 CXT product page (external - login to view).

About International Truck and Engine International:
Truck and Engine Corporation is the operating company of Navistar International Corporation (NYSE: NAV). The company produces International® brand commercial trucks, mid-range diesel engines and IC brand school buses and is a private label designer and manufacturer of diesel engines for the pickup truck, van and SUV markets. With the broadest distribution network in North America, the company also provides financing for customers and dealers. Additionally, through a joint venture with Ford Motor Company, the company builds medium commercial trucks and sells truck and diesel engine service parts.
It seems to me that the global climate change crisis should be a boon for the auto industry. People constantly trading in for the newest most fuel economical cars, while the truly elite pay top dollar for monstrosities like juan posted. It shouldn't hurt them anymore than 'peak oil' has hurt the oil companies. It makes me wonder what they're doing wrong if it's been hitting their bottom line.
#jaun. That truck is the dumbmest thing.

I have three trucks that are in essence the truck that one is based on. They have 24' van bodies on them and have the same engine. They get 12 miles to the gallon. That's running city highway driving in and around Toronto. I can't imagine they will sell many of these.

BTW Mine came in at about $80K. Of course the cab interiors aren't so lush but the van body is $15K of that $80K.
Funny thing is, the right wing Pentagon believes and has been saying for years that global warming is for real: (external - login to view)
L Gilbert
GW isn't real? Permafrost isn't really receding? Glaciers aren't receding? Oceans aren't getting warmer? Must be a right wing conspiracy. Sure woiuld like to know how they engineered all that stuff, though. lol
I kinda go with what Juan said: if I was in the business of selling things that emitted GHGs and other such nasties I'd be telling folks things are fine, too. McDonald's and Players and others used to tell people that smoking was good for you, too. lmao
Perhaps we should all pretend GW isn't real --- this way we can reduce taxes and cut back on all the corporate welfare given to the Pentagon every year!

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