Kandahar: Deadliest Attack since 2001

M K Bhadrakumar, the name you mentioned, Chris. Among the titles, do you see what you were looking for?

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China, Russia Welcome Iran into the Fold (external - login to view)

M K Bhadrakumar (external - login to view) | Asia Times (external - login to view) | April 18, 2006 (external - login to view)

"Gennady Yefstafiyev, a former general in Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service, wrote: 'The US's long term goals in Iran are obvious: to engineer the downfall of the current regime; to establish control over Iran's oil and gas; and to use its territory as the shortest route for the transportation of hydrocarbons under US control from the regions of Central Asia and the Caspian Sea bypassing Russia and China. This is not to mention Iran's intrinsic military and strategic significance.'"" [more] (external - login to view)

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M K Bhadrakumar is a former Indian career diplomat who has served in Islamabad, Kabul, Tashkent and Moscow.

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To rescue the Afghan mission, honesty is the best policy

Ours is not the only government to attempt to gloss over the growing crisis in Afghanistan. Rather than admitting that the insurgency has built momentum, Washington and Kabul insist on citing every major new attack or shift in strategy as evidence of Taliban desperation.
In truth, the seriousness of the Afghan situation is no longer in doubt. In the last week of January, a report from the Atlantic Council of the United States, led by retired Marine Corps general James Jones, warned that "urgent changes are required now to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a failing or failed state."
The same week, an open letter by Oxfam to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown warned of a "humanitarian catastrophe" unless Western countries undertake "a major change of direction." The International Crisis Group's latest report states that Afghanistan is not lost, "but the signs are not good."

Full article under here: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servl...ghanistan/home
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Arrests made in deadly Kandahar bombings

Good job on them... the people are actually working with their government and police to maintain security. A very good step to say the least.

Hi Praxius;
thanks for finding this rare article. Usually one never hears and sees about the prisoners, except when they got tortured.
I have pretty much all evening rummaged through a dozen websites, ...my head is flooded!!

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