Daily Mail: Sterilize Teen Girls

Daily Mail: Sterilize Teen Girls


What to do when your mass social engineering programs aren't working on a voluntary basis? Coercive enforcement, of course!

"We are moving into a science fiction age in which life itself can be created in a test tube, and it seems that, before long, perfect babies could be bred at will, largely free of hereditary disease and illness.

So, in my view, there is little point any more in feeling shock-horror at the idea of mass sterilisation."

Eugenicists should be rightly proud of their accomplishment, getting an article like this in the Daily Mail. The rest of us should be OUTRAGED by this and the resurgence of this school of thought. The principle is that a womans body is her own to do with as she pleases. It does NOT belong to the state. It does NOT belong to the culture.
Nope it doesn't... and what happens when the government accidentally sterilizes all these teens permanently? (ie: the supplied drugs are too strong, or have adverse effects over a long period of time, say over a year or more)

Then you have an entire generation of females in your country who can not reproduce. Doesn't sound like a great idea to me.

Here's a crazy idea:

How about people get back to education of safe sex, rather then constantly teaching abstenece.... that's one of the main reasons why teen pregnancy is so high in the US (Not sure about the UK) is because they have dismal sex ed classes and instructors and rely too much on abstenece. Not to mention the parents just don't like talking about that stuff with their kids.

This is also why Sue stopped her show in Canada and is currently working on a show in the US (She was quoted as saying the US and their kids need all the help they can)

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