A member of the Canadian Armed Forces who recently returned from Afghanistan told a Quebec television network that he and his fellow soldiers were poorly equipped for their mission.

In an interview with French-language network TVA, Cpl. Daniel Beaulieu said Tuesday the equipment is better suited for peacekeeping missions.

The military told the network it would comment on Beaulieu's claims on Wednesday.

The Valcartier, Que.-based Beaulieu said the vests worn by Canadian soldiers only had pockets for four ammunition magazines, where between 10 and 15 magazines should have been the norm.

Beaulieu also said many soldiers had only one or no extra ammunition clip for their sidearm, where two should have been the standard.

Beaulieu also said the holster designed to carry the guns often failed, with the handgun sometimes falling out and creating a serious security risk.

The veteran soldier also said the boots used by Canadian soldiers are not well suited for long walks through rugged, dessert terrain.

As a result, many soldiers ended up with foot injuries, Beaulieu said.

Beaulieu is an 11-year veteran of the military with three overseas missions under his belt, including two in Afghanistan.

Beaulieu said he's frustrated that during the more than seven months that he was on Afghan soil, his concerns were never addressed.

The network said other soldiers also expressed similar complaints off-camera, but only Beaulieu was willing to go on camera despite the repercussions that could follow.

Well I think they should have addressed this a long time ago. With all that money going into the war and our military, you'd think some of these basic requirements would have been met by now..... cripes.