Unidentified body found in Bridgewater, N.S.

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Police in Nova Scotia have found the remains of a body near Bridgewater, where a 12-year-old girl went missing nearly two weeks ago. Officials have not confirmed the body's identity.

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Bridgewater on edge as girl's body found


The discovery of a body outside Bridgewater has shocked residents reeling from the disappearance of a 12-year-old girl.

Bridgewater police would not say whether the body is that of Karissa Boudreau, a Grade 6 student who disappeared two weeks ago, but confirmed the remains are those of a young, Caucasian girl.

"We're still seeking information on both files at this point," Sgt. John Collyer said Sunday.
The body was discovered late Saturday morning under snow on the banks of the LaHave River, upstream from the parking lot where Karissa was last seen.

As investigators scoured the area and nearby waters throughout the weekend, several residents watched in shock from a small landing across the river.

"I'm hoping it isn't the child," said June Doray, "but if it is, I mean, I can just imagine what those poor people are going through."
Family notified of body

Though police are not making any direct links, they say Karissa's family members were notified as soon as the body was found.

Karissa was last seen in the small Nova Scotia town 100 kilometres southwest of Halifax on Jan. 27.

Penny Boudreau said she got into a fight with her daughter in the Sobeys parking lot, and when she returned from the store, Karissa was gone from the car.

At a news conference two days later, Boudreau made a public plea for her daughter to return home or call.

Two aerial searches of the river turned up no sign of the missing girl, nor did a search by an RCMP dive team.

Police said an autopsy on the body will be performed in Halifax on Wednesday.

Not to be sorta dark about the whole thing, but who else could it be? I don't think there are many other young girls missing in the same area at the same time.
I also think that it is probably her, but the police have to follow procedure on the off-chance that it might be someone else.

Either way, it is an extremely sad situation.

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