Safe injection sites.


But, I thought Harpo wanted to cancel all this and do an American style "war on drugs", which has been really successful (S) in the US..............
Harper does indeed want to shut down the safe injection site, but he knows he really can't.

The site has really strong political support, the neighbourhood supports it, and the results look really good.

Too much science supports it, and the humanitarian good it does is hard to argue with.

This was really clumsily written.

You're right Pangloss. It was very clumsy. Frankly, I'm disappointed in you. I would like to see a one page essay fully evaluating the issue to make up for such sloppiness. Perhaps compare and contrast it with the issue of legal tobacco sales, tobacco use and its ban from public places, while completely illegal activities are given special sites. Due tomorrow.
I guess that Harpo doesn't have the balls Nixon did. It takes a real large set to toss out a report you asked for that tells you that harm reduction and personal use of drugs like Marijuana being harmless, are the best way to go.
Apologies to Col. Bogie.

Trudeau, 'e 'ad de one big ball
Mulroo, 'e 'ad two, but very small
Pearson had two and very fearsome
But poor ol Harpo's got no balls at all.

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