Air Canada - Pilot went nuts!!

An Air Canada flight from Toronto was diverted and landed in Ireland

Flight 848 landed in Shannon, Ireland at 8 a.m. local time Monday after several crew members and a passenger, who is reportedly a member of the Canadian military, restrained the co-pilot.


The crew became concerned when the co-pilot began to act in a peculiar way and began talking to himself loudly.
The co-pilot was assessed and brought to the psychiatric ward of a local hospital while nearly 150 passengers on board the flight were flown to Heathrow Airport in London, Flynn said.

Luckily, it was the Co-Pilot!!

With positive affirmation, the passengers would dismiss it as "all in a day's work"!!
How many thousands and thousands of pilots are there in the air right now; how many more through the years?

Amazing this hasn't happened a great many times already, no big deal it happened now.

It would be nerve wracking to be reminded in such a vivid manner that you're in the hands of flawed human beings. Thank goodness for a willingness to get him help.

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