Our Governor General was jeered, swore at, spat at

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What I wonder is, why did she marry such an old granddaddy? Pardon me for being a little rude!

Maybe he's hung.
Why do we need a G girl flying in to listen to them anyway? We aren't going to help them, what we will do is run as many out of town as we can, lock up the more surly and sweep the rest under the carpet while the press shows up for the Olympics.

While there is obviously a confrontational contingent hardly native to East Hastings, the point that there are people that can't help themselves, who need help, wasting away in one of the riches countries in the world. There is no excuse for this, we have money fall out of our pockets. The cold honest truth is that we are willing to punish those who don't do as they are told since they don't support our way of life.
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$57 to get drunk? Have the white wine socialists become the champagne socialists when I wasn't looking?

It depends what you understand drunk to mean. In any sleezy bar $57 wouldn't get you dizzy. In any case champagne is for washing feet or cars no committed drunk would stoop to it's consumption.

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