ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- Dozens of retired generals, admirals and air marshals urged Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf to immediately step down, saying his resignation would promote democracy and help combat religious militancy, a member of the grouping said Wednesday.
"This is in the supreme national interest and it makes it incumbent on him to step down,'' said a statement released late Tuesday to the media after a meeting of the Pakistan Ex-Servicemen's Society attended by more than 100 former generals and other retired officers and enlisted men from all three services.
The call came as Musharraf, a top U.S. ally in its war on terrorism, was in Europe on a tour aimed at reassuring Western leaders about his ability to restore democracy and prevail in the escalating combat between government troops and Taliban rebels along Pakistan's mountainous border with Afghanistan.
In the latest violence, suspected militants attacked a military camp in the frontier region with rockets and small arms fire, killing three soldiers and wounding several others, a military statement and security officials said. The strike against Razmak Fort in South Waziristan came a day after fighting that left seven troops and 37 militants dead.
It was not immediately clear how the appeal by the influential group of generals would affect military support for Musharraf's presidency. Musharraf, who was army commander when he seized...

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So if that numbskull little gopher looking twerp doesn't heed the military's requests, then he's more stupid then I originally thought and truly power mad. Him not stepping down at this time would be very clear about this.

(Sorry, I'm in a hate mood for idiots in power today)